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    Chinese police besiege town and cut of food supplies in bid to quell riots

    I'm not sure. Most likely the central government still need to go through Guangdong provincial government to get anything done. Anyway, it's well-known the Guangdong party secretary Wang Yang is the most liberal of China's senior leaders. A lot of pro-democracy activists will sacrifice their...
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    China ranks among middle, high-income countries

    No, the CASS report says China is now an upper-middle income country. It's just some journalists have no idea what upper-middle income means so they wrote their reports as if it means middle and higher income.
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    China's housing bubble is losing air

    I see why India needs serious reforms. So many Indians are still stuck in the 1980s.
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    Sub-$100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Debuts in China

    You manage to completely miss the point. Reread the article you quoted, the point of this processor is not it's fast (it plainly isn't) or it uses the MIPS instruction set, rather it's the low power consumption level (0.09w@1GHz with 65nm process) of Ingenic's XBurst core. Oh, also, TSMC is...
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    India's Industrial Output Declines 5.1%

    I thought unlike China, India has this magical internal demand driven economy. Guess that's just something to brag about and not to prevent one from blaming others. No we haven't. We're in fact worried because our growth in industrial output in November has slowed to a mere 12.4%, the lowest...
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    Sub-$100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Debuts in China

    I've always liked Ingenic more than other Chinese processors companies, as they're a private player who produces stuff that are commercially viable rather than surviving on government contracts. Before this they mostly produced processors for netbooks, PMPs and e-book readers, etc. I hope...
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    China to open military base in Indian Ocean

    Navy is not just for war, but also to protect sea lines of communications. A lot of China's trade and oil import goes through the Indian ocean, so that's a very reasonable spot to set up a base.
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    Bangladesh among top rice-eaters

    Wheat products. Huajuan Jingdong Roubing Zhajiang Mian Roujiamo I'm seriously missing Beijing now.
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    China Catching Up With India on R&D Investment

    More like hacks at WSJ need to learn how to write proper headlines.
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    The controversial US National Defence Act 2012

    Not long after they legalize bestiality, Mrs Clinton will come out saying the right to interspecies sex is an important human right, and American aid will depends on recipient countries protecting rights of people to have sex with cows and ducks.
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    Is China harvesting organs from ethnic minorities?

    I see you are still in the habit of quoting unrelated articles in the hope of diverging the conversation. What the vice minister said in the article you quoted is simply some supply of organs came from executed prisoners, which is of course different from claims of forced organ harvast...
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    Is China harvesting organs from ethnic minorities?

    Even knowing the gullibility of some Indians when it comes to negative news about China, I still find it hard to believe anyone would quote a source which claims Falun Gong is an "indigenous group" and pairs them with Uighurs.
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    China cracks down on microblogging rumours that are 'worse than cocaine'

    Apparently the pro-democracy camp on the Chinese Internet are so blunt in its rumor making even their American daddies sometimes can't stand them. There was a rumor first appeared on Chinese liberal media that in America public sector workers' salaries must be lower than any private sector job...
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    Russian boxer Simakov dies after knockout

    Who killed Roman Simakov Why an' what's the reason for?
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    India police charge Tibet holy man in money probe

    Comrade Karmapa may have fallen, but don't worry, we still have Comrades Ai Weiwei, Gordon Chang, Andrei Pinkov and so many more...
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    China cracks down on microblogging rumours that are 'worse than cocaine'

    That's not a rumor. Maybe you'll be arrested if you say "Dalai Lama praises CCP as the most democratic party on Earth".
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    LOL: Taiwan Vote Draws Mainland Interest, and One Mainlander

    It's a shame how social media has ruined NYTimes' reporting on China. Once there was a time one could expect NYTimes to conduct its own investigative reporting in China, nowadays it has became just an apparatus of the echo-chamber of China's liberal part of the Internet.
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    China to Support EU in Tackling Debt Crisis: Foreign Minister

    We're always happy to offer our moral support.
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    China's police join the microblogging masses

    Thank you. I didn't know CPC has already invented the Matrix. Now can you tell where can I find some red pills?
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    Massive propaganda campaign against the house arrest of blind activist Chen

    The crowd that threatens private citizens with decapitation for posting their opinions on the internet.