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    When will we ban indian tv, advertisement and indian movies???

    Alot of Pakistanis do not appreciate the content shown on the indian tv channels. The way they have used their media to infiltrated the local culture and are poisoning the younger generation should be detested at the least. In light of developments post pulwama incident and the attitude of...
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    Availability of Petrol with higher Octane Value

    Last night amongst friends we were discussing that with the recent decline in petrol price and the inclination shown by government to decrease the price more is there a possibility that government for once sits down with the Oil refineries (OR) and OMC and discuss with them a formula by which...
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    OGDCL finds oil in Attock

    Its not often that we hear of oil discoveries in Punjab... following the earlier discovery in Sept 14 by OGDCL in Soghri, Attock Distict and near Jehlum by Mari gas in June this seems to be the 3rd oil discovery in Punjab in 2014. OGDCL finds oil, gas in Attock - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
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    Destroying Agricultural land

    Within the last few years i have had the opportunity to visit the so called rural areas around Lahore, Gujranwala and recently Qasoor as well... the reason was that we were searching for a good agricultural land... it is shocking to see that most of the agricultural land in lahore district has...
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    Incentives for encouraging consumers to install Hybrid Solar Systems

    I am currently in the process of finalizing a solar system for myself... during my search i have always wondered why the government or the GENCOs/DISCOs are not encouraging people to install hybrid solar systems... i do understand that the potential of kickbacks or mishaps is very high with this...

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