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  1. F.O.X

    Featured Who is Killing TTP Commanders in Afghanistan

    Few of them were killed by RAW/NDS ( it was pretty obvious as it was meant to be) since they refused to follow the protocol and wanted to surrender. The remaining and majority however were hunted by Pakistan using different elements.
  2. F.O.X

    Pakistani Climber winter summit attempt status unknown - search operations underway

    By this logic if you are even involved in an accident due to your own fault....No emergency services should be dispatch ... since you knew the risk when driving the car .......... ohhh and also these summit attempts are the main source of income for the people there.... lets just let them die...
  3. F.O.X

    All stories on Ukraine airliner tragedy

    So let me get this straight.... Iran Failed to Kill even 1 US soldier ( Since they knew the strike was coming and evacuated), but instead Killed 176 innocent Civilians......... Yep Definitely the level of competence I expect from Iran, after all its looks like they took a lesson from India on...
  4. F.O.X

    JUI(S) Head Maulana Sami-ul-Haq assasinated

    No its not... STOP spouting nonsense .. And watch less movies and Dr. Shahid Masood.
  5. F.O.X

    For all it's reputation, what has ISI done for Pakistan?

    What did ISI do ? Nothing you will ever Know. Their accomplishments are neither Known, Nor they will ever be.
  6. F.O.X

    ISI's covert war wing: Directorate S

    Well in that Case I T D O E S N O T E X I S T Now it is all up-to you everyone here to decipher the Super secret Code ..... every thing you seek lies in the Text above ...
  7. F.O.X

    ISI's covert war wing: Directorate S

    Yeh Sure ... How do you want it ? A 1000 page report ? or and audio book ?
  8. F.O.X

    Pakistan's Border Action Team deploys battalions along LoC: Intel sources

    Except we do not have any Chimgadar (Bat) team........
  9. F.O.X

    Shoes of Jadhav’s wife suspected to have metallic object, says FO

    She is the Mother of a Terrorist, who has Killed 1000s of Innocent Civilians including Children & Women, what were the journalists suppose to ask the mother , " Mata jee Aap k betay nay bhut accha kaam kia , kia aap ko os per Garv Hay ? " IF it were for me I Would have Hanged Him Right in front...
  10. F.O.X

    Problem: Unable to resign because I have to give account of devices and equipments I was incharge of

    May be you should not have applied for the position of INCHARGE if you had no idea what the posting entails. How many cents do u want to bet that you lied on your resume regarding your experience?
  11. F.O.X

    US official's visit to Islamabad postponed on Pakistan's request: US Embassy

    It seems as if some Indian lobbiest in Washington told trump that Pakistan is a push over you will just say something and they will accept, and trump seems idiot enough to believe that. And now it's time for him to realize that the Hard way.
  12. F.O.X

    A Book By Raymond Davis

    Nice try... Now shooo
  13. F.O.X

    A Book By Raymond Davis

    Thank you, please focus on your country, when we need your advice or input on our counties internal affair we will let you know. BTW how are the Italian marines doing?
  14. F.O.X

    A Book By Raymond Davis

    Yes please trust a killer and foreign agent... Because he definitely isn't taking out grudge against the only organization that was against his release...
  15. F.O.X

    PAF JF-17 Shoots Down UAV from Iran

    As someone who has a little bit more knowledge regarding Iran and its activities in Pakistan .. .. I would trust an Indian before I trust any Iranian.... Shooting down this drone is a statement in itself, I.e. Behave and stay in your limits... We have had enough of your BS.... We won't be...
  16. F.O.X

    PAF JF-17 Shoots Down UAV from Iran

    The news is authentic.
  17. F.O.X

    Forced to marry at gunpoint or elaborate lie? Uzma's story crumbles under evidence

    She is a Con Artist and has successfully Conned the Entire population of India.
  18. F.O.X

    Arnab's Republic a reflection of what India has become- noisy and chaotic

    I concur.... This guy is definitely a migraine... A disease that does not go away... U can also call him STD... Either of them work...
  19. F.O.X

    12 dead and 14 hurt in cross-border Afghan shelling in Chaman

    Please don't talk BS, the area was cleared long time ago, if you really have sources there ask them ... how far back have Afghan forces been pushed ..... however i am pretty sure you are just reading some Afgan ArmChair Generals tweets & are taking them as realities... after today you might end...

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