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  1. F.O.X

    Brave Indian Forces Protecting Peoples Homes from Stone Pelter's

    Here you can see how Brave indian forces are putting their lives on line to protect homes of Kashmiri people from stone pelter's ohh wait.......
  2. F.O.X

    Can anyone solve this?

    Today I came across this puzzle, which I am unable to solve... Can anyone make sense of this?
  3. F.O.X

    Umar Mansoor aka Umar Naray Killed

    Reports just coming in that Mastermind of APS Umar Naray has been killed in Afghanistan in a drone strike .
  4. F.O.X

    Abdul Sattar Edhi Passes away

    He has just been shifted to ICU, currently in critical condition, please pray for his health, He is one of the very few True human beings left in Pakistan.
  5. F.O.X

    Pakistan to install more gates at Pak-Afghan border

    ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan has announced to construct more gates at Pak-Afghan border for surveillance and mobilization of people crossing the border while those small incidents often occurred at border which should not be named as war nor ceasefire was an appropriate term to be used for...
  6. F.O.X

    What Indians Think about Pakistan..... ?

    I cam around this little gem today ..... you can already see the delusions created by Indian media have spread like a plague....
  7. F.O.X

    Kunduz Captured again ?

    Taliban claims recapture of large parts of Kunduz city What is happening there ?
  8. F.O.X


    and official ISPR Video
  9. F.O.X

    ISI Agent vs RAW Agent

    ISI vs RAW agents in live combat Enjoy
  10. F.O.X

    This is How you Drive a Bus :D

    The Driver here is Cpt-Zahoor .
  11. F.O.X

    A Picture worth Thousand Words

    Son of Col Zahir shah shaheed (martyred in recent suicide blast ) ,Saluting his father .
  12. F.O.X

    Babaa Meri Awaz Suno Na

    got Emotional after a long time watching thing ..
  13. F.O.X

    Karachi Lost another Iron Man

    Inspector Shafiq Tanoli among four dead in blast Seven murder attempts had been made on Shafiq Tanoli in the past. KARACHI (Dunya News) - At least four people inlcuding former inspector Shafiq Tanoli were killed while fifteen others injured in a suicide blast near old vegetable market in...
  14. F.O.X

    Allegations on ISI: Defence Ministry to move against Geo in PEMRA

    The petition alleges private TV channel to be involved in anti-Pakistan activities. ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Ministry of Defence decided on Tuesday to file a petition against private TV channel – for naming ISI Chief after attack on prominent journalist Hamid Mir – in Pakistan Electronic...
  15. F.O.X

    Army Chief meets Lt. Gen Zaheerul Islam at ISI HQ

    General Raheel Sharif appreciated ISI's role towards national security and lauded its contributions. (Web Desk) - Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif visited Inter-Services Intelligence Headquarters in Islamabad today (Tuesday) and held a meeting with its chief Lieutenant General...
  16. F.O.X

    TTP agrees to extend ceasefire

    It Seems TTP has lost their leverage they thought they had again PA .
  17. F.O.X

    PTI sides with army, supports North Waziristan operation

    PTI will urge Taliban for unconditional ceasefire once again upon Imran Khan's return from UK. ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) officials have unanimously decided to support military operation in North Waziristan, sources told Dunya News. It was decided that PTI will stand...
  18. F.O.X

    Three Indian agents arrested from Kasur

    KASUR: Intelligence agencies have arrested three alleged Indian secret agents from Kasur, Geo News reported. According to intelligence sources, Indian passport, currency and arms were recovered from the agents, identified as Kashif, Umair and Shahzad. The intelligence officials have also...
  19. F.O.X

    Sufi Muhammad acquitted in Teemer Garah case

    Hallelujah Gentlemen, Hallelujah .... Please bow your heads to the great Courts of Pakistan .. The have Done it again .
  20. F.O.X

    Tribute -Rashid Minhas

    Today 42 years ago this Brave son of Soil .. at the young age of 20 gave his Life for the Nation . if he wanted he could have lived .. but he chose to gave his life for the country. today our Patriotic media may tell why FB founder page was hacked .. but they have forgotten about a National...

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