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  1. Deino

    2020 is nearly over ... so what can we expect in 2021 for PLA watchers?

    Just as the title says I think we had some major developments and breakthroughs in 2020 and I'm sure China won't disappoint us in 2021: so what can we expect in 2021 for PLA watchers? My wishes are most of all: - the unveiling of the J-35 prototype - conclusive answer on the Type 003's...
  2. Deino

    Russia starts development of a new medium-weight frontline fighter

    Well, that's indeed a pleasant surprise ... In Russia, work began on a new light front-line fighter MOSCOW, April 16 - RIA News. Research has begun in Russia with the goal of creating a new operational tactical aviation platform, the RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the United...
  3. Deino

    First Look At Futuristic Variant Of India's Tejas Fighter - Orca

    I must admit, I'm still not sure what to think of this !? ... bat anyway I think it is worth a separate thread since it is no longer the original Tejas: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/if-developed-this-futuristic-variant-of-tejas-could-match-iafs-rafale-jets-2159016
  4. Deino

    DRDO forced to ditch LCA Navy Mk2 for a cleansheet twin-engine fighter

    ICYMI, India's principal military aircraft designer has just unveiled plans to design & build a twin-engine deck fighter for the IndianNavy's STOBAR aircraft carriers, placing a future 'hard-stop' to the ongoing LCA Navy program...
  5. Deino

    New white paper: "China's National Defense in the New Era"

    The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China released a white paper titled "China's National Defense in the New Era" on Wednesday. http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-07/24/c_138253389.htm http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/download/whitepaperonnationaldefenseinnewera.doc
  6. Deino

    Chinese Wing-in-Ground Effect Vehicles - Ekranoplans in PLA service

    One of the probably most unique - and barely known in the West - type in PLA service is the XTW-5 WIG (XTW = 信天翁 XìnTiānWēng = Albatros). From what I know - most of all from this site: http://www.eastpendulum.com/chinese-wing-in-ground - it entered service in 2003 within the PLA Border Defence...
  7. Deino

    Zhuhai 2018

    Let's start a new thread ...
  8. Deino

    J-XY - maybe J-35 - next generation carrier-borne fighter

    Since in recent days the rumours are again getting more and more intense, some even speaking of a F-20-variant having already won, while others still take the decision not made yet, I anyway start a new thread. Here are at least a few posts that hint into that direction ...
  9. Deino

    Chinese Naval Air Force (PLANAF) News & Discussions

    Just akin to the PLAAF-thread please post all PLANAF-related news here. Just to start with, it seems as if the PLANAF is now also changing to the Brigade system: via: http://news.xinhuanet.com/mil/2017-09/06/c_129696927.htm and http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2017-09-06/doc-ifykpuui1321709.shtml
  10. Deino

    The J-20-engine discussion is over and other speculative topics ... to separate from the J-20-news !

    Guys ... this discussion is useless, senseless ... and IMO already off-topic in the J-20 tread. Therefore I created this new thread in order to separate the on-going and already so often discussed question on the J-20's powerplant from the other J-20 news but also from the engine's thread I...
  11. Deino

    I’m looking for an artist / CG designer for my next book-project

    Guys, I need some help: I’m looking for an artist, who would be willing and able to provide some artworks for my next book-project. Maybe You know my first two books I made with Harpia-Publishing: Flashpoint-China (2016): http://www.harpia-publishing.com/galleries/FPCN/index.html Modern...
  12. Deino

    Chinese Future Fighter Programs beyond the J-20 & FC-31

    Concerning the rumours about a next fifth generation single-engine fighter under development at CAC and eventually at SAC too I would like to start a new thread: So what do You expect, what configuration can we expect ??? And as a teaser from my friend Bai Wei a concept (YES, surely fan-art...
  13. Deino

    CV-16 Liaoning - Type 001 Aircraft Carrier News & Discussions

    I think it is really strange - and maybe also my own fault - that we have several PLN-news threads, two dedicated 001A & 002 carrier topics but none for the Liaoning. If I find time, I will clean and sort out the others a bit ... but I would recommend from now on all related to the CV-16 to...
  14. Deino

    Chinese specific test- and research aircraft - some sort of X-planes ?

    The title already says it all, since I wonder why there were so few dedicated test-bed concepts by now - I remember the BW-6 FBW-testbed, the J-7FS with the chin intake ... ? - and if a program similar to the USAF/NASA led X-series would be a good idea to explore certain technologies ? Any...
  15. Deino

    PLA Army Aviation - fixed wing assets

    Army Aviation has received its first Y-9 !! :huh: http://army.81.cn/content/2016-12/23/content_7421518_3.htm
  16. Deino

    PLAAF & PLANAF special mission aircraft - Y-8GX-family

    Since usually images of these birds are either posted in the PLN- or the PLAAF-threads, which I don't deem appropriate, I start a new dedicated thread for these IMO most important special mission assets. To start with, here are some very nice images, however IMO the KJ-500H and Y-8GX-6 both...
  17. Deino

    AICC and Antonov to Resurrect and Modernize An-225

    Quite a surprising news: Ukraine sold An-225 and related technology/expertise to China ?! http://business.sohu.com/20160831/n466839986.shtml Sina reports the same: http://finance.sina.com.cn/roll/2016-08-31/doc-ifxvixsh6977873.shtml And now also in English...

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