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  1. ironman1

    Desi engine to power GSLV

    it will be mate ! keep faith !:enjoy:
  2. ironman1

    Army, HAL sign Rs 300 cr deal for 20 Cheetal choppers

    if we can upgrade chetak, why can't we upgrade cheetals ? cause no kickbacks to rotten politicians ???
  3. ironman1

    Detailed Documentary on Arjun MBT

    inki galti nahin hai ! fevicol kum pad gaya tha ! :woot:
  4. ironman1

    Detailed Documentary on Arjun MBT

    did u guys see the turret went 180 degree just before 3 minutes mark or is it usual and i am excited for nothing ?
  5. ironman1

    Will India join strategic containment of China?

    TIANMENN didn't happen under Mao !!!! and we do understand that you don't understand the meaning of freedom , as you were born into slavery ! this is what is happening to you guys ! pity you are proud of that !
  6. ironman1

    Will India join strategic containment of China?

    and few chinese seem to love it ! anyway masochism is not popular in INDIA unlike CHINA , so why should we care !
  7. ironman1

    Will India join strategic containment of China?

    you mean INDIA should be called a country only when it found democracy ! now that would mean china is not yet a country ??
  8. ironman1

    Indian Army chief's statements "very hostile", says Pak foreign minister

    there is no pak army but a political millitary establishment with lots of irregulars (terrorists ) who do most of heavy duty stuff for it ! the problem is with pakistanis , as they fail to see how long pak army hold them hostage to a world of misery when the rest of world moves ahead !
  9. ironman1

    LoC agression: We reserve rightto hit back, says Army

    1947- pak captures kashmir killing unarmed civillians , scared away by INDIAN army ! nehru being the saviour of pak then ! 1965 - denial (state philosphy of pak ) 1971- pak wants indian army to fight from one side only and not surround them from 4 sides ! :rofl: you man are a gem !
  10. ironman1

    India readies troops as Pakistan rattles arms across the border

    it seems "terrorism" is state policy there and "denial" is state philosophy ! talking peace as such is waste when somebody is unwilling to understand what we wish to say ! we seal our borders , keep the pest out , do tit for tat - should be our way of dealing with pak .
  11. ironman1

    India readies troops as Pakistan rattles arms across the border

    samjhota express perpetrators are behind bars in INDIA , disrespected by all of us, unlike your country where mastermind of mumbai massacre are celebrities ! now you tell me , can you still equate the two countries ?
  12. ironman1

    India readies troops as Pakistan rattles arms across the border

    peace is appreciable but not on dead bodies of fellow Indians , army or civillians ! it seems you detest media of making a mountain of mumbai massacre or recent beheading of soldiers ! what if the same soldiers overlook any atrocities done on you by foreign element in interest of maintaining...
  13. ironman1

    Indian Stealth Bomber No Longer a Secret

    America what ??? do you know , the first unmanned flight of any aircraft was done in INDIA , the designs and everything of which were stolen by british . first demonstration of wireless by Dr.C.V.Raman in INDIA , who was denied recognition for same and his work stolen but anyhow got nobel prize...
  14. ironman1

    ‘They killed our mates, we want vengeance’

    justice has to be served to those soldiers ! if not then who they will trust to guard their flanks when they are facing the enemy !
  15. ironman1

    MMRCA Rafale And Cancellation Threats

    why in the hell non indians( you know which ) are so onto this deal , says a lot about their insecurities . we purchase what we wish , how we wish , when we wish ! the deal is to be finalized in this fiscal yr , which btw is not over yet ! They are already here and going on with their...
  16. ironman1

    Soaring high

    awesome article ! new missiles with cannisterised launch , decoy systems , and mirvs ! best of luck to DRDO !!!!
  17. ironman1

    Myanmar's ties with India, Japan and western countries concern China

    you mean imperial china gave up on TAIWAN , well that is not news to us anyway !
  18. ironman1

    Snapshots Of DRDO Exhibits At ISC's 'Pride Of India' Expo In Kolkata

    exactly ! paveway 2 has a CEP of 3.6 feet on average ( that is some test more and some less ) ! Actually all of the critics expect us to have 0 cep , not their fault though !
  19. ironman1

    I-T finds Tirupur man with US bonds worth $5bn

    ya i just said "whoa" when i read it !
  20. ironman1

    India and hate

    you are welcome dude ! all friends of INDIA will always be respected and welcomed here as brothers !