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  1. Water Car Engineer

    The first Light Combat Helicopter LSP rolls out

    The fairing extending up the exhaust is new. First prototype Latest, various modifications were done resulting from data from trials.
  2. Water Car Engineer

    Featured DRDO has successfully flight-tested Supersonic Missile assisted release of Torpedo (SMART)

    It's a cool concept for sure. The next-next gen variant of IN ships will need to have VLS holding a variety of missiles.
  3. Water Car Engineer

    80,000 Staff of Indian Ordnance Factories will go on Strike from October 12

    Got nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with India liberalizing it's defence sector. And it's great they are striking, keep proving they are worthless.
  4. Water Car Engineer

    Time for China to toughen up on insincere India

    @Feng Leng What's the update bro, even Armenia, Azerbaijan are going to actual war before India, China.😴😴😴😴
  5. Water Car Engineer

    Is India's lack of Olympic gold 'mystifying' or are we thinking about global sporting success all wrong?

    Maybe something India should focus on much later, right now it's largely irrelevant.
  6. Water Car Engineer

    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    I dont think any MS is on order for India.
  7. Water Car Engineer

    Doors Still Open For India To Co-Develop ‘Tempest’ Sixth-Gen Fighter Jet With The UK

    AMCA program most go on, which it is. Co-operation in engine development with Rolls Royce I support.
  8. Water Car Engineer

    India: Baby dies after man 'cuts pregnant wife's belly'

    You are dealing with in some cases 1000s on 1000s of years of retarded tradition, I am all for blasting and headlining worthless tradition and mannerisms in the public until it is a shame to society. I hope all societies all over the world do the same. We grow and move forward if we are...
  9. Water Car Engineer

    Featured Museum in India Celebrating Muslim Dynasty Gets a Hindu Overhaul-NYT

    India was very much vibrant before Islamic dynasties.
  10. Water Car Engineer

    Long live Guan Yu.

    Long live Guan Yu.
  11. Water Car Engineer

    Depressing State of Pakistani Height [THE WORST —STAN COUNTRY]

    What's more interesting is the upward climb of the average of Central Asians, to now a decline in recent years. What was the case of the growth to begin with and now decline in recent years? Negative aspects of industrialization, over population? Uzbekistan has a deeper decline, is the social...
  12. Water Car Engineer

    Finger 4 - Indian Army has occupied heights overlooking the Chinese Army positions

    @Feng Leng Please enjoy this Chinese Indian fight while we wait, thank you.
  13. Water Car Engineer

    Finger 4 - Indian Army has occupied heights overlooking the Chinese Army positions

    Okay okay, buddy, 2 months I will wait. As far as the pole arms, I've grown up playing Dynasty Warriors, Guan Yu was one of my favorites, if nothing happens I will expect you do call Xi directly about the shame that has occurred. And the decommissioning of said pole arms, thank you.
  14. Water Car Engineer

    Woman raped on Lahore Ring Road, infront of her two children.

    If proven without a doubt, 100%, however people have lied about it as well.