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    Featured "Look At India, It's Filthy": Donald Trump Shifts Blame On Climate Change

    nothing new India and indians have very bad image in west and becoming worst day by day. truth has to come out sooner or later. the difference between china, Russia and India is that the other two are focused to resolve own issue while Hindu Indian govt is busy in fighting all front wars and...
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    Featured Pakistanis poke fun at Indian media's 'civil war' hyperbole, ministers ask Twitter to take action

    indians are jokers and indian media is nothing but a circus :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: i dont think indians have any respect left in them to start with.
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    Featured Pakistan’s Current Account Records First Quarterly Surplus in Over 5 Years: SBP

    you dont need to worry, i have asked previous govt as well as will ask IK govt. i only support good work for Pakistan and will definitely appreciate once something good happened, I don't like cheerleading someone. furthermore if they don't have magic doesn't mean they will start jumping on...
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    Why couldn't Islam eliminate homosexuality from Afghanistan?

    because homosexuality is natural just like other sexualities ad you cannot eliminate people based on their sexual orientations, Islam doesn't preach that.
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    Featured Pakistan’s Current Account Records First Quarterly Surplus in Over 5 Years: SBP

    every country is recording a surplus a country like Bangladesh recorded a surplus of more then 3 billion USD in the same period when Pakistan had some 700 million. i will give credit to any govt when Pakistan export will increase which is not the case with PTI as well till yet.
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    Featured Afghanistan stampede kills 11 Afghan women and 1 Male seeking Pakistani visas to leave country

    so sad, but one question in mind how many among those 40000 are thank full to Pakistan and not anti Pakistan stooge? i have even even seen afghan abusing Pakistan govt when Pak closed borders and placed visa requirements for Afghans as if we are bound to host this parasites.
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    A mob of 25 Hindutva fascists viciously beat a Christian man after he refused to denounce his faith

    notin a country where the orchestrator of biggest mob lynching day in Gujrat & Dehli and so many others becomes the PM.
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    Internet users in Bangladesh double in last five years

    says alot about these 108 million numbers :lol:
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    How's the Arab Defence Industry compared to Regional Powers?

    except egypt i wonder if these arab fatties even have any defense industry let aside its comparison with countries like Turkey or Israel.
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    Asia Power Index 2020: China catching up as most powerful country influencing Asia-Pacific as US losing clout; India in 4th spot

    they forget to mentioned that to achieve 40% of China in 2030 China must have the same GDP as of today :lol:
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    The most beautiful cricket ground in the world

    northern Pakistan :smitten:
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    How Indians ridiculed Imran Khan

    PMIK should let indians doing demage to their own country and should focus on Pakistan. Indians should be the least concern for Pakistan, where their own govt is not interested to help indians why should we bother?
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    Featured Iran sympathizes with Pakistan over terrorist attacks on troops

    good to see that Iran finally speak up against indian terrorism and indirectly took indian name.
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    Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Indian and Afghanis to require round-trip tickets to enter Dubai

    when you fight with each others no one will respect you.
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    Featured Six countries now refuse to chair Arab League

    Arab league is as useless as Arab countries.
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    Imran Khan Statement on Attacks in Ormara and Waziristan

    you wanted to be a joker like indians? who instantly blame countries and talk about wars ?
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    Modi-Shah’s BJP needs a new ‘enemy’ for Bihar election. Pakistan and Sushant won’t work

    why india always finds enemies and not friends? the reason for this pathetic situation of india today.
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    India reached out to Pakistan for talks - revelations from NSA to PM Imran Khan in an interview

    i am also amazed with the freedom Pakistani govt gives to media, just imagine if it had indian security advsior and a Pakistani news channels, indian securidy adviser must have been sacked by indian govt and probably has been killed by hindu radicals for giving interview to Pakistani channel.
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    India reached out to Pakistan for talks - revelations from NSA to PM Imran Khan in an interview

    is there a plot of another cheap movie indians make? far from reality indian delusion? :omghaha: :omghaha: :omghaha: :omghaha: