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    Hangor Class Submarine Project | Updates & Discussions

    Delivery timeline was disclosed when the deal was signed. First sub in 2022 last sub in 2028.
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    I believe if PAC goes with YF23 like design than engines will be pushed closer to the edge at back so they might get either bigger weapons bay or smaller and lighter airframe.
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    FBR surpasses target, collects over Rs1tr in July-Sept quarter

    FBR only collects 70%-80% of government revenue rest come from other sources.
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    Featured Pakistan Navy ATR72 at Mönchengladbach Germany for conversion into a Sea Eagle

    Sunday, 27 September, 2020, 11 : 00 AM [IST] India keen on buying commercial aircraft division of Embraer...
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    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    Please! [emoji3166][emoji3166]
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    Çay Bahçesi

    Why did they leave?
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    U.S Offers India Fighter Jets | Will U.S Help With Defence R&D Next?

    That's what you think and say but your government is taking loans from China while China is occupying territory that you claim as yours.
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    US is doing same and apparently their NGAD has started flying.
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    Does anyone know which plane this is? It's wings look smaller compared to it's fuselage so doesn't look like JF17. Also air intakes seems to be below fuselage. @Windjammer @Bilal Khan (Quwa) @JamD @The Eagle
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    So Which Missile Did Pakistan Reveal !!

    Which missile is that? It looks very compact.
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    Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

    Don't know if this was posted.
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    Featured Rafale’s Impact on IAF’s Air Power Capabilities by Air Cdre Kaiser Tufail,

    Sir I don't think he said anything which is not public knowledge.
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    WS10B could be one of the possible contender for AZM. https://defence.pk/pdf/index.php?posts/12688658
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    Project "AZM" : STEALTH AMBITION Project

    Does this brings it closer?
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    Defense day 6/7/8 th Sep 2020 programs Thread

    Do you have pictures that he shared?