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  1. ARMalik

    IMF Admits China Has Overtaken The US As The World’s Largest Economy; But Why Is The Media Silent?

    https://eurasiantimes.com/imf-admits-china-has-long-overtaken-the-us-as-the-worlds-largest-economy-but-why-is-the-media-silent/ According to the IMF’s World Economic Output 2020 released recently, China has now overtaken the US to become the world’s largest economy. Yes, you read that right...
  2. ARMalik

    South Asia Has a New Economic Leader. Will the World Take Note?

    Keep telling yourself fairy-tales and believing in them. It is absolutely shameful and disgusting state of affairs in Pakistan. Only blinds and defs won't understand this.
  3. ARMalik

    South Asia Has a New Economic Leader. Will the World Take Note?

    Congratulations to BD ! And this is also a SLAP in the face of the our corrupt, incompetent and dishonest Pakistan establishment who have destroyed this country. BD a country which was poor and got independence in 1971, has done so much for its people because this country CARES for its people...
  4. ARMalik

    Bad news for Azerbaijan: Russia sends over a DOZEN jets and helicopters to airbase in Armenia

    Don't worry, Turkish F-16s will make a mince meat out of Russian Junk. :enjoy:
  5. ARMalik

    NASA mission successfully touched down on asteroid Bennu, collects sample

    Very nice to see you people jumping up and down after watching CGIs. When is NASA going to release REAL footage? Let me answer it for you - NEVER because it does not have one! :omghaha:
  6. ARMalik

    The Indian hand in Karachi

    I am sorry but if the Military agencies of Pakistan are unable to control indian influence in Karachi than these agencies are utterly incompetent, and should be ashamed of themselves for spending so much Pakistan's citizens money.
  7. ARMalik

    Australia, UK sign frigate agreement

    So this come to above 4-billion dollar per Frigate?? Seriously? Are we gold-plating these frigates??
  8. ARMalik

    Featured Iran expresses readiness to accept Pakistani investment in Chabahar

    Pardon my ignorance but what money does our rag tag country has to invest in Iran?? Am I living on a different planet or all of sudden this topi drama filled corrupt Establishment has spare money to spend in another country??
  9. ARMalik

    COAS takes notice on Karachi incident - DG ISPR

    A few days ago, I heavily criticized the COAS and other Generals for having absurd priorities. I said they need to look after our ordinary Jawans who were getting killed because of inadequate protective vehicles, and that these generals were getting involved in absurd "Topi Dramas". Well I WAS...
  10. ARMalik

    India has crossed LAC at 7 points

    Fraudsters and their fraudster indian news. :omghaha:
  11. ARMalik

    China is replacing the U.S. as world’s No. 1 navy

    You are speculating.
  12. ARMalik

    Another convoy attacked in Balochistan - Kech

    Thanks for a good post. Military life is a tough life no doubt, and the soldiers know they are putting their lives at great risk every day. There are obviously a million things the Military's Top brass is doing behind the scenes but an Ordinary soldier and Citizens are not aware of it. All they...
  13. ARMalik

    Huawei ousted from heart of EU as Nokia wins Belgian 5G contracts

    Come on dude, it does not work like this. Backend equipment or front line equipment, it depends upon how technological advance a company is in 5G. And Nokia is lags behind by a fair margin. In fact, I can guarantee that Nokia will be using Huawei's tech licenses, patents and will PAY A HUGE FEE...
  14. ARMalik

    Featured Turkey condemns deadly terror attacks in Pakistan

    Then why post something so DUMB? Why?? :omghaha: Explain how IK handed over "Indian Occupied Kashmir" to India?? :lol:
  15. ARMalik

    Featured Turkey condemns deadly terror attacks in Pakistan

    How do you allow a land which is already ANNEXED since 1947 to be Re-ANNEXED?? You really need to have rocks in your head you post something like this. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. ARMalik

    Nawaz accuses security establishment of orchestrating his ouster, bringing Imran to power

    Yes he is, and by using Nawaz to openly disrespect the Pak Military means MBS has ABSOLUTE DISDAIN for Pakistan Military. To have such a Disdain by the Saudis is a huge set-back and a big head smack by MBS on the heads of the generals here. Coincidentally, it was Bajwa and ISI DG who went for...
  17. ARMalik

    Imran Khan Statement on Attacks in Ormara and Waziristan

    And not to mention Bajwa was given an extension. It just keeps getting better isn't it, since he then started meeting Opposition Leaders. Why would a COAS poke his nose like this??
  18. ARMalik

    Nawaz accuses security establishment of orchestrating his ouster, bringing Imran to power

    I respect the ordinary men and officers of the Military because my father and I were one of them. But I have ZERO respect for the higher ups. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. And these corrupt men Nazaw and Zardari were fully allowed to destroy this country. Do you really think that the Evil you help...
  19. ARMalik

    Another convoy attacked in Balochistan - Kech

    Sure tell that to those Families and those Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters who lost their Blood today. You would NOT be saying this if it was your brother blasted to pieces. Now go suc.k on it.
  20. ARMalik

    Another convoy attacked in Balochistan - Kech

    I usually respect your viewpoint The Eagle, but our Soldiers are also Humans, and like all Humans they will demoralize when they see as an outsider that these top Generals are sitting and doing absolutely nothing. These Soldiers DO NOT know the inner secret workings of the military, and to them...