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  1. JonAsad

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    Azeris are not planning to cross into armenia.. they are getting their territories back from armenian occupation.. Wake up..
  2. JonAsad

    Indian Americans , a shameless bunch

    Ofcouse Lord Trumpshnna said so..
  3. JonAsad

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    Armenia is loosing battles and territories faster than usain bolt runs a track... @Tai Hai Chen wake up...
  4. JonAsad

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    how many times i have seen the same post as this one - you copy pasting your old posts mate - its called spamming - reported -
  5. JonAsad

    Featured World fake news factory called India launches another propaganda warfare against Pakistan

    I found Pakistani nuclear codes sailing in Clifton waters in a pacola bottle with a note "to whome it may concern use them"
  6. JonAsad

    The mystery of India's low coronavirus death rate

    Only logical reason...
  7. JonAsad

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    Armenian infantry is receiving quite a pounding -
  8. JonAsad

    We take a closer look at the new North Korean tank

    wtf - not a single picture of the tank -
  9. JonAsad

    What kind of behaviour Pakistani Dramas are trying to promote?

    Hand jobs? - everyone knows what she actually gave - at least we have little bit of censorship left -
  10. JonAsad

    Is Pakistani military taking note of recent conflicts, technologies and tactics?

    In recent Azerbaijan and Armenian conflict people calling them suicide drones.. which basically what they are..
  11. JonAsad

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    words of support... thats only what we should offer..
  12. JonAsad

    Is Pakistani military taking note of recent conflicts, technologies and tactics?

    Do we have loitering munitions? Do we do we?
  13. JonAsad

    Sad Poetry in Urdu Mohabbaton Mein Har ek Lamha Very Sad Shayari

    wah wah wah, adaab, adaab, heart broken or not broken.
  14. JonAsad

    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    warning dead people-
  15. JonAsad

    Cyclist Samar Khan says faced harassment in Islamabad

    capitalism - people are becoming robots -