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    People’s Anti-Fascist Front (PAAF) has released ‘actual combat video’ of recent attack in Kashmir

    So what they wanted to do in balochistan by making those videos Now we also have started Those mujahids look very trained Mashallah right on track
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    Featured Inside Pervez Hoodbhoy’s Classroom

    Its not just about you many weak believers also exist
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    PIA plane crash near Model Colony Karachi with 93+ on board

    Really sad news before eid But ya Pakistani koon hai jiss ki Koi qeemant nahi lagti
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    BREAKING : Al-Qaeda alleges retired Pakistani general had militant links, died in 2018

    Once in an interview Musharraf also said this about him
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    Pakistan terms US decision to sell air defence weapon system to India disturbing: ET

    Keep with our plans India isn't getting those jets tomorrow
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    Welcome bro
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    Sarmad Khoosat receiving threats from religious extremist to hold release of 'ZIndagi Tamasha'

    Mad guy that not about mulla that about islam Don't forget Pakistan is a muslim country not that fcking liberal Yep but movie is above the law Yep but movie is above the law Who the hell is give us moral education Do you think this state which is almost bankrupt Look at your state's...
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    TLP chief Khadim Rizvi’s brother, nephew handed 55-year sentences

    That's fcking We first need to redefine terrorism Dr. Abdul qadir khan was also a terrorist? May be We all need to ask ourselves where are we heading This will cost us more then any thing Our people are suiciding to get comfort under the crust and these guys are again creating a riot...
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    What can Pakistan learn from Bangladesh?

    I wanna say just one thing besides you guys are going in right direction and your life standards are higher then us but! As a pakistani , having nukes I and most of pakistanis feel which you guys can't imagine this give us much more comfort then your statistics Our economic is bad bcz we went...
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    US-Iran tensions challenge Pakistan's balancing act

    Just tell me one thing What iran did for us in kargil Besides showing herself neutral
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    Turkey invites Malaysia to join its TF-X future fighter jet program

    Would pakistani policymakers want Bangladesh (balls of india) in it Turkey can station some of their jets their but giving such a technology to a of india bitch Accept of themselves, is Bangladesh have any enemy? Its not your mode Keep on building economic and asian tiger Until hasena is their...
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    All stories on Ukraine airliner tragedy

    Is that a joke? They are say as indians Unprofessional army!!!
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    Notify PAF Aircraft Crashes

    Why don't they ejected? We should save our boys their should be a strict policy This junk should be retired Sad day
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    Pakistani Wifi Privacy Concerns - NIC

    I've used many times but never faced any problem like this
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    Qatari connection in the killing of Gen. Solaimani

    Whenever Americans came after iran their real target will be Pakistan Gen. Hameed Gul
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    Qatari connection in the killing of Gen. Solaimani

    What about those who are having American nukes???
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    Now nobody is scared of those sanctions In American people are raising voices that where are we heading? Destruction!!!
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    Telephonic conversation held between Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Jawad Zareef

    Trust me now iran will fight I don't think any deal is going to happen We all are watching this with our interest look where US is heading Where nothing but destruction all-around china will expand more and US will now stuck in these issue US is also guided by Israel which they Pay the most...