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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    https://www.dawn.com/news/1324227 http://sarzameen.tv/2017/02/06/pm-inaugurates-wah-brass-mills-announces-relief-package-pof-employees/
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    Pakistan Army | News and Discussions

    this was reportedly done after nisar [chaudhry?!!] got into a tiff the POF chairman over the formers attempt to politicise the POF workers.....and nisar is the guy how runs FIA etc......
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    Panama leak Case Proceedings - JIT Report, News, Updates And Discussion

    MEANWHILE IN KOREA: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/opinion/2017/04/202_226877.html
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    General Bajwa approves deployment of 200,000 troops for census

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    India's dream of splitting Pakistan will never be realised: Nisar

    pakistan is already split.......between the crooks and charlatans like this "interior" minister serves and those emracing shahadat every say in its defense....... when a low life like benazir is called shaheed what else is there to say,.......ppl praise a cowardly crook like pervez [musharraf]...
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    China deploys advanced 400km surface-to-air missile system in the SCS

    but he is still exec producer of celebrity apprentice and gets to say you're fired........
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    PIA grounds ATR fleet until thoroughly examined

    hang the minister and federal seceretary concerned and confiscate their assets... and https://defence.pk/threads/the-case-for-a-jandarma.431527/#post-8416580
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    New Chief Justice Saqib Nisar

    time for the action service https://defence.pk/threads/the-case-for-a-jandarma.431527/#post-8416580
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    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

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    Military announces transfers of 10 Lt Gens including ISI chief, DG Rangers

    pakistan ceased to exist in october 2001 when pervez [musharref] sold his soul to the devil.....now for next 20 eyars millions will .....
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    PM wanted to appoint pro-democratic military expert as army chief

    by democracy these characters mean looking the other wahile they loot, rape and plunder the counter and work as sahulatkar e dehshatgard....... the right to appoint transfer etc of personnel ie. all personnel matter should be taken away from these characters and only those cleared as honest by...
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    CHIEF DON'Ts : Talat Hussain

    this bozo works for the jang group of crooks and charlatans ....nothing more need be said.....sahulatkar e dehshatgard....
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    Chinese embassy refuses visas to KP ministers, bureaucrats

    the best news ever....these indian agents should be shoved in the gutter they belong to for opposing the CPEC....
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    Lt Gen Zubair Hayat fits the bill for Nawaz Sherif as new COAS

    today in his program dr shahid masood said that asif the z man gave extension to kiyani because he said the generals next in line were more like pervez the mush man.....
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    Nadia Mirza with Pak-Turk school students and teachers

    the next target needs to be the Kemalist heresy...dismantle the Kemalist shadow state and execute its leaders,,,,,
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    Should pakistan increase the number of troops

    I thunk Pakistna Army should be disbanded and its security should be outsourced to the great bharati army.....after all the great finance minister has already out up the motorways as collateral to nawaz's friend modi.....the hinopak trucks are 25% owned by mahindra motors....PIA< PS, railways...
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    Comrades in battle

    modi & NAwaz and Asif the Z man and Altaf and .......
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    Imran Khan Should Quit Politics If SC Gives Verdict in Favour of Nawaz Sharif : Pervez Musharraf

    and musharraf should be hanged for treachery and his crimes....
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    “This Pakistani journalist is spreading dangerous rumors about CPEC,” Chinese ambassador exposes fak

    this tribune is pakistani puppet front organization of a foreign newspaper....... all thanks to the degenerate musharraff