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    Chengdu J-20 5th Generation Aircraft News & Discussions

    If that were the case then the J-20 shouldn't even have canards since canards can adversely affect stealth and make it a lot harder for the J-20 to 'sneak' by. I read in an article on this forum a while ago that the reason it has canards is the result of a conscious decision by the designers to...
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    Can China’s Top Guns Fly?

    PLAAF has a number of current gen (4.5++) fighter programs that can match or exceed MKI, such as J-10B, J-11B, J-15 & J-16.
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    Can China’s Top Guns Fly?

    meters, not feet. 6,200 m = ~20,000 ft.
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    Can China’s Top Guns Fly?

    Chinese members please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that all PLAAF fighters from J-10 & J-11B onwards have OBOGS.
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    China All Su-35 news

    Why would China want to reverse engineer a PESA, when it already has AESA undergoing testing on J-10B, J-15 & J-16? Exactly. It would be wiser to spend the time, money and effort maturing the WS-15 than to try and reverse engineer the 117S. If China does buy any Su-35, I think it could be...
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    Chengdu J-10 Multirole Fighter Air Craft News & Discussions

    Sir, So you believe the Su-27's and Su-30's in the PLAAF are more than capable of matching F-16 Blk-52s, correct? You also believe the J-10A is far inferior to F-16 Blk-52s, correct? Then how do you explain the fact that in PLAAF air combat exercises, J-10A completely dominates the...
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    Mass protests as Hong Kong marks 15 years under China

    I find it funny that some Hong Kong people are protesting about the right to elect their leader, but they seem to forget that the British didn't afford them this right either - colonial governers were appointed by the queen/prime minister.
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    China getting wary of allies

    Logic FAIL. All those countries you mentioned (except for Thailand, which is NOT rich by any stretch of imagination), have an underlying Confucian culture - that's what makes them successful, not being US allies. Why is “Confucian Culture” so wildly successful?
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    Russia and China veto UN Resolution against Syria

    Both Israel and Syria (and USA for that matter) are fighting terrorists. The terrorists are outgunned so they hide among civilians - as a result, civilians will die. In Israels (and Americas) case, all the blame for civilian deaths go to the terrorists, for hiding among civilians. In Syrias...
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    J-20, HIGH Angle of attack= super maneuverability !!!!!!!

    Nothing to get too excited about, the model doesn't even look like a J-20 and the guy admits that his J-20 design is basically a scaled up F-22.
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    Chinese Martial Arts

    No human will ever be as strong as a gorilla, it's an unfair comparison. Another gorilla OTH might have a good shot at beating this gorilla. Anyway, if it was just about muscles, then muscular fighters would never get knocked out - but they do, we see it all the time in professional fighting...
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    Chinese Martial Arts

    Maybe the kick didn't land in the proper place. Most of the head is very hard - it is meant to protect your brain after all. I've seen people breaking their fists when trying to punch people in the head; thats why boxers wear gloves - to protect their own hands. The energy from a punch has...
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    Chinese Martial Arts

    Bushido is not a style and cannot be learned. It is basically the "Way of the Warrior" so it is either something you have or are instilled with.
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    Hornets Will Have Them

    Raptor has higher top speed, supercruise, better manoeuverability, tvc, longer range, higher payload, all-aspect stealth etc The Raptor is superior in every single way. The US government considers the Raptor so important to national security that it will not risk allowing it to be exported to...
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    China’s Noisy Subs Get Busier — And Easier to Track

    By the same token, why would USN publicise so openly that PLAN subs are noisy and easy to track, if indeed that is the case? Publicising this would surely be a wake-up call for the PLAN and cause them to focus on developing better subs. Would it not be better for USN to keep quiet and let the...
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    1 gigaton nuclear weapon

    Correct. The amount of matter lost/converted to energy in U-235 fission is miniscule. U-235 + 1Neutron (Total mass: 236 units) ------> Ba-141 + Kr-92 + 3Neutrons (Total mass: 236 units) There is some loss of mass/matter if you use the proper numbers, but we're talking about fractions of mass...
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    1 gigaton nuclear weapon

    self delete
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    Tibetan activists greet Chinese military delegation with ‘Free Tibet’ sloga

    Palestinians don't have a land to call their own either - yet I don't see any Indians criticising Israel for their occupation. But I guess it's OK to overlook the misery of others as long as Israel has deals to do with India. Besides, Tibetans may be miserable now, but at least their lives...
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    Rename iPad or pay up $1.66 bn: Chinese court

    True. Apple getting a taste of it's own medicine.
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    USA treats Russians as Indians whose interests can be ignored

    All the indigenous peoples of america (north and south) originate from central asia. That would explain why they share facial features and characteristics common to people from central asia.