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    J-10C A sole international market for China's J-10 fighter jets is taking shape

    File Photo: General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army,personally conducts a test drive of a Chinese J-10C fighter jet. Even so, it isn’t easy for Pakistan to make up its mind to purchase this type of aircraft. When it comes to China’s exporting of high-end military...
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    Looking for a Life Partner in Pakistan

    AA everyone, I hope my note finds you well. I am 26 years old computer engineer (works in a Bank in USA), nice decent guy, and belongs to a well respected syed family. My parents are looking for a life partner for me and will be in Pakistan this Fall 2008. If any family is interested in meeting...
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    A Light Sabre for the Third World: The FC-1 / JF-17

    Source: grandestrategy.com/2007/06/light-sabre-for-third-world-fc-1-jf-17.htmlGrande Strategy: A Light Sabre for the Third World: The FC-1 / JF-17 This article attempts to highlight key aspects of the JF-17 and analyze its performance & capabilities, market potential, geo-strategic implications...