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    The case for a jandarma

    Over past 15 years pakistans experience seems to suggest the need for a dedicated force which has the necessary legal and material resources and capabilities to meet the challenge. Direct involvement of the army is not desirable for many reasons. To summarize, it should have the following...
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    Barbarians inside the gates....

    The english language press in pakistan continues to support the barbarians who are bent on dragging pakistan into the dark ages..besieged as it is by stone age "warriors" on one end and libertine hedonists on the other.... No sacred cows in democracy - Pakistan - DAWN.COM the past 15 years in...
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    Administrative reforms

    It is believed that the FPSC [federal public service commission] has been relatively unscathed in the administrative decay of Pakistan government institutions. I think maybe the PPSC [punjab], and frontier were somewhat like that. in any case the only way out now seems to be to take away the...
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    The Cost of Government

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The Cost of Government
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    Three major-generals promoted: ISPR

    Three major-generals promoted: ISPR - DAWN.COM
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    Pakistan Outs Three US CIA Station Chiefs in Three Years

    Pakistan Outs Three US CIA Station Chiefs in Three Years » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
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    Bharati war criminals in baluchistan

    specially minutes 32-34
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    what vehicle is this

    Curfew imposed in Rawalpindi as 10 killed in sectarian clashes
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    so whoes war it it now? true origins of TTP

    Afghan fury as US seizes 'spy at top of Taliban’ - Telegraph
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    Ex-IG gets free Karachi water mafia goons

    Ex-IG gets free Karachi water mafia goons - thenews.com.pk find this guy, ID his in public, tar and feather him, 100 lashes a day for 10 years, 40 years RI, confiscate all his possessions......
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    Police school opens education year with prayer in eastern province

    Hürriyet Daily News | PHOTO Gallery
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    electricity and gas bill hike....information minister

    Power tariff hike is a bitter pill we need to swallow: minister - thenews.com.pk can someone please post how much tax, income and wealth this fellow submitted documents for when he applied to run in the selections er elections? why shouldnt he and hte other bozos in the "assembly of idiots...
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    shiekh rashid on APC and situation 27th sep 2103

    On The Front ( Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed ) notice program is only 21 minutes here....some 15 minutes must have been censored
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    Islam and democracy

    To understand this discourse, one needs to know the point of divergence between Islam and democracy and how certain practices in democracy may not be acceptable to Islam. THE discourse on Islam and democracy has always been vibrant, whether it is in the Muslim world or even among scholars and...
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    The Remaking of the Middle East by Shlomo Avineri*

    3 September 2013 /JERUSALEM The Middle East’s descent into extreme violence – with mass killings of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Cairo followed closely by Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war – has dashed the hopes raised by the Arab Spring in 2011. The question...
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    Countries arm themselves even in peace times, economic crises

    BUSINESS - Countries arm themselves even in peace times, economic crises pakistan #4 india #1 importers....
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    Verbal attack against headscarved students at campus sparks outrage

    http://www.todayszaman.com/news-325575-verbal-attack-against-headscarved-st Verbal attack against headscarved students at campus sparks outrage A video that appeared on the Internet on Thursday showing a bigoted attack against a number of headscarved students at the Middle East Technical...
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    Only in Malaysia: where we have gone wrong with fatwa

    Fatwa are only advisory opinions to guide a Muslim to lead a life according to Islam. I WONDER how many Malaysians know that under the Syariah Criminal Offences laws of this country, it is a criminal offence for a Muslim to defy, disobey or dispute or to give, propagate or disseminate any...
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    what kind iof vehicle is this

    Rajanpur: 8 kidnapped policemen recovered after negotiations - thenews.com.pk http://images.thenews.com.pk/updates_pics/Rajanpur-kidnapped-policemen-negotiations-encounter_7-15-2013_109413_l.jpg
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    bharati topis on PDF

    out of 21 "latest posts" some 6 were exclusively on bharat....