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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Thank you for all those who made positive contributions to this thread. Even though majority of folks concentrate on negativity and tried best to bash me, however in general a very nice out come I see came out of this thread. Some of that is really very impressive and well researched. Provided...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Only suggested because of cost and low resources for PAF PAF can use one squadron for minimum deterence docterene
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    This post is the solution for my thread. Make th e most sense. So again my question is shall we put our eggs on our 5th generation program, is that platform would be fully tested, remember Pakistan don't have aircraft manufacturing experience even China is still trying master it but still not...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Don't forget US is openly with India and F-16s will come with long thread of restrictions vs India use... So we should stay away from US hardware
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    But my point is what if they do another mis adventure and this time sneak in and managed to down few of our F-16s and JF-17 while only loosing 1-2 migs. How will our airforce will look then how can we defend there propaganda and BS leaving morale of our entire armed forces and nation down ...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    No trolls please if you cannot contribute please follow another thread. Thank you
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    We haven't inducted any fighter airplane since.80's. JF-17 may be capable in-house built but not on par with Rafael for sure, F-16 block 52 also lacks engagement range in BVR against Rafael about 50KM short. Why we risk all at with assumption and not secure our long term future plans. That is...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    A wise man once said never put your eggs in one basket. Same thing happened when India relied heavily in Russian Suki MKIs and migs that eventually left them red faced on Feb 27th mis adventure against Pakistan. With Rafaels induction equation has significantly changed in India's favor as if...
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    J-10C A sole international market for China's J-10 fighter jets is taking shape

    File Photo: General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army,personally conducts a test drive of a Chinese J-10C fighter jet. Even so, it isn’t easy for Pakistan to make up its mind to purchase this type of aircraft. When it comes to China’s exporting of high-end military...
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    Analysis: Will India’s S-400 missiles checkmate Pakistan?

    we should buy this system or create similar with help of china to counter s 400 threat see you tube video with title US Air force unveils S-400 KILLER MISSILES to scare Putin
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    Looking for a Life Partner in Pakistan

    AA everyone, I hope my note finds you well. I am 26 years old computer engineer (works in a Bank in USA), nice decent guy, and belongs to a well respected syed family. My parents are looking for a life partner for me and will be in Pakistan this Fall 2008. If any family is interested in meeting...
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    A Light Sabre for the Third World: The FC-1 / JF-17

    Source: grandestrategy.com/2007/06/light-sabre-for-third-world-fc-1-jf-17.htmlGrande Strategy: A Light Sabre for the Third World: The FC-1 / JF-17 This article attempts to highlight key aspects of the JF-17 and analyze its performance & capabilities, market potential, geo-strategic implications...