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    Obama, the dajjal?

    This is an interesting find. Take the time to see the videos all in order. Listen to how he brings the connection of world leaders. I don't think it's believable but check it out, he's a Muslim and his talking about 2012, Imam Mahdi, Isa (PBUH) - Jesus, and The Dajjal (the Anti-Christ)
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    Ya Philistine!

    Long Live Palestine!!!!!!!!! We’ve had 50 years of assault on Palestinians Rights. I think they are the most terrorized, at least with the Iraqi people, they’re the most terrorized people on earth and have been for so many years… Practically every Palestinian lives in...
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    INSANE! Bangladeshi made car

    Watch the video Rongila dot Com - Bangladeshi Made Car - Episode 1
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    Bangladesh/Pakistan Free trade agreement Unfolding slowly

    Dhaka : Senior Pakistan and Bangladeshi officials opened talks Wednesday to map a common strategy to expand trade, investment and shipping ties, diplomatic sources said. The talks were held between visiting Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Reaz Mohammad Khan and his Bangladeshi counterpart Towhid...
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    A 3rd Pakistan was supposed to be created

    I read somewhere that there was supposed to be a 3rd Pakistan. The third Pakistan was planned to be the current day Indian state of Andra Pradesh mostly around the Hyderbad city in India. Can someone confirm that?
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    My family fought for Pakistan

    I was told this story out of many stories which deals with my family. My grand uncle was an East Pakistani fighter. He hid under an Indian tank when it was stationed in Pakistani territory and he remained there for the entire day. When the coast was clear he hijacked the tank and slaughtered...
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    The Original Pakistan Could've Been Saved

    1. Democratically the capital of Pakistan should have been Dhaka instead of Karachi since 55% of the Pakistani population were East Pakistani Bengalis and the remaining 45% were West Pakistanis. I have no idea why the Quad-E-Azam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah chose Karachi as the capital, it was not...
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    Pakistan's ISI plans to expand Bangladesh's border to weaken India

    I have read that the Pakistan's ISI works with Bangladesh's DGFI to expand Bangladesh's border and include the north east Indian states east of West Bengal. Now someone who has kept up with ISI news, is it true?