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  1. faisal4pro

    Hail our beloved leaders... Mr. Zardari, Mr. Nawaz, Mr. Shahbaz etc...!!!

    You must be wondering that in this situation, when POL prices are on a race.. Power & Gas Load Shedding has already hit the economy & household of Pakistan, when there are more than 61% of total population are living below the line of poverty... when the country is going to be sold to IMF &...
  2. faisal4pro

    Blackwater hiring ex-Pak security officials on mind-boggling salary packages

    Islamabad, Nov.6 : Controversial private US security firm, Blackwater is reportedly hiring ex-Pakistan security officials at mind-boggling salaries. According to The Nation, the US firm has offered some of the retired Pakistani officials a whopping salary package of 60,000 dollar per month...
  3. faisal4pro

    'Must-dos' to bag a great job

    'Must-dos' to bag a great job In the modern corporate society, the fate of a job-seeker does not depend only upon his skill and his technical/verbal/mental abilities. Presentation and attitude play a vital role in deciding whether the person sitting on the other side of the table can...
  4. faisal4pro

    Insurgency in Pakistan - USA's Presence in Afghanistan!

    Former US marine and foreign service officer Matthew Hoh's letter of resignation from the US state department delivers a shot across the bow of those who would escalate the American combat presence in Afghanistan. "I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the...
  5. faisal4pro

    Be Wise... !!!

    A FOOLish man tells a woman to STOP talking, but a WISE man tells her that she looks extremely BEAUTIFUL when her LIPS are CLOSED. One GOOD way to REDUCE Alcohol consumption : Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are SAD After Marriage - Drink whenever you are HAPPY Three FASTEST means...
  6. faisal4pro

    Military Spendings by different nations!

    See the preachers of Peace spend huge amount on destruction of Peace!
  7. faisal4pro

    Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] ...

    Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] The Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] is India's foreign intelligence agency. RAW has become an effective instrument of Indian national power, and has assumed a significant role in carrying out India's domestic and foreign policies. RAW has engaged in espionage...
  8. faisal4pro

    The Swat girl flogging video and some facts...!!!

    pardon me for sharing that too late but i think its not over still!
  9. faisal4pro

    The World according to Ronald Regan

  10. faisal4pro

    Travel Guide of Pakistan

    Welcome to Pakistan Pakistan although a very peaceful and very friendly nation has been very badly hit by the notorious war on terrorism by the countries who always envied the landscape and blessing of the country. The local media the war on terror leaders have now destroyed peace and...
  11. faisal4pro

    Top 10 Cricketers of All Time

    10. Allan Border AB is the top Australian in my list after Don. The toughest cricketer, he was also an outstanding batsman and had been for more than a decade by the time. People remember his determination but he also had plenty of shots. He led from the front and remains a great example...
  12. faisal4pro

    Glorious Past of Pak-Hockey -- Records Held by Pakistan

    Pakistan are the true inheritors of the Golden Legacy of sub-continent Hockey. They have won numerous World Cup, Olympic, Champions Trophy, Asian Games and Asia Cup championships. Pakistan, who joined the International Hockey Federation in 1948, are the standard bearers of hockey in Asia, and...
  13. faisal4pro

    Terror in Lahore

    Approximately 25 militants dressed in police uniforms simultaneously attacked three law enforcement agencies in Lahore on Thursday morning, the fifth major attack by militants in Pakistan in the last 10 days. The regional center of the Federal Investigation Agency and two police training...
  14. faisal4pro

    Siachen Photos

  15. faisal4pro

    Pakistan Missile Special Weapons

    The strategic competition with India has spurred Pakistani efforts to acquire ballistic missiles, which it claims to have done without assistance. Pakistan's missile industry includes a large solid rocket motor production complex and a ballistic missile test facility. Chinese and more recently...
  16. faisal4pro

    What is the solution of Kashmir?

    Kashmir Dispute: Background Pakistan 's principled position on Jammu and Kashmir is based on the UN Security Council Resolutions, which provide that the final disposition of Jammu and Kashmir will be made in accordance with the will of the people. Pakistan is committed to this position until...
  17. faisal4pro

    The commentators of cricket

    This year Richie Benaud is retiring from commentary and he will be missed. He was the best commentator in cricket, and he had sympathy for poor nations. This is surprising because he played in the era of gentleman cricketers, when touring teams on the subcontinent were not put up in five-star...
  18. faisal4pro

    Political Administration's Expenses

    Prime Minister has just bought 4 Bullet-Proof Mercedes worth 25 crores each .e. a total of 1 trillion rupees (0.2% of Budget 2009-10). There are 46 Ministries in total number and in USA there are only 23 State Ministries whereas in Pakistan there are 46 Ministries / Departments and each have...
  19. faisal4pro

    Cyber war against Pakistan...!!!

    After sea, land and air warfare, traditional arch rivals India and Pakistan are now facing each other in another arena. With evolution of technology over the period another kind of war has been started by Indians with Israeli help against Pakistan since last few years and that is Cyber warfare...

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