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  1. Peshwa

    Indian Woman Arrested for enacting Gandhi’s assasination

    NEW DELHI: A rightwing Indian woman who shot an effigy of independence leader Mahatma Gandhi with an air pistol to mark his assassination some seven decades ago has been arrested, police said on Wednesday. Pooja Shakun Pandey was filmed shooting the effigy at an event by a far-right Hindu...
  2. Peshwa

    What's Modi's First Destination?

    I ask, what in your opinion should and would be Modi's first destination for an official visit to another country? If I were him, China would be and should be my first destination, especially considering the two pronged effect it could generate... For one, it would signal China, that this would...
  3. Peshwa

    Militants attack Bannu jail, 400 inmates escape

    Militants attack Bannu jail, 400 inmates escape | DAWN.COM
  4. Peshwa

    Tatas to launch Rs 32,000 houses for rural market

    I wish our Govt. would come up with such schemes instead of the Private sector having to pick up the slack... Nevertheless a positive development.....Hats off to the Tatas....some of the most patriotic Indians out there :tup:
  5. Peshwa

    Aasim Sajjad: Anti India Pak Ideology

    I think this is a very interesting POV....
  6. Peshwa

    India to recharge bid for UN Security Council seat

    India to recharge bid for UN Security Council seat - The Times of India Hope it all falls into place....
  7. Peshwa

    Social Networking and the Armed forces

    I saw this piece of news posted by one of my friends on FB regarding a possible Israeli raid that was leaked on Facebook by an Israeli soldier... This makes me wonder...there are a lot of Military professionals on this forum from India, Pakistan, the US etc. Some of the members might even be...
  8. Peshwa

    Single Pilot Fighters VS Dual Pilot Fighters

    A question for the Air Force junkies..... What are the inherent advantages versus the disadvantages of having a single seat Fighter such a Mirage as opposed to a Dual Seat/Pilot aircraft such as the Su-30MKI? Im curious as to why India is so interested in the latter especially since the...
  9. Peshwa

    HBO Documentry: Fixer...The taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi

    Hi All, I saw a very interesting HBO Documentry called Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi last night. First off, Im very fascinated about Afghanistan, a land I have wanted to visit ever since I saw the movie "Kabuliwala".....however after watching this doc, trust me I dont think I will...
  10. Peshwa

    Shocking video of the 26/11 Mumbai attackers released by Channel Four!!

    Hi All, One of my friends from NYU sent me the link to this video....it is one of the most shocking and horrific video's about 26/11 that I have seen to date......The unreleased transcript of the call made between the terrorists and their masters, real life accounts from hostages and some ghory...
  11. Peshwa

    Implications of India gaining a Parmanent Seat in the Security Council

    BBC NEWS | Americas | Analysis: India's Security Council seat bid Hi All, I was looking through an old news report on BBC on India's chances of making it into Security council as a parmanent memeber. Obviously the hurdles of getting there are obvious, but with recent developments...

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