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  1. Squashh

    Addition of banner in forum pages-SBP link for dam donation

    Hello Zulfiqar, how do you access the list you mentioned? Also are you donating from inside Pakistan or overseas? Can people living abroad donate thru the debit card method? I was trying to do thru Nostro account so my pound sterlings can be converted to usd as i alhumdullilah do have means to...
  2. Squashh

    Hello Azad, I’ve seen couple of your posts on donation method and they seem very helpful. Could...

    Hello Azad, I’ve seen couple of your posts on donation method and they seem very helpful. Could you please explain how to transfer thru Nostro account? So it goes as usd. I’ve also created a thread in social affairs forum but have had no luck.
  3. Squashh

    Help: Step by step guide: Donating for dams fund

    Hi folks, I’m really struggling with how to donate using the info provided for nostro account. Theres two addresses provided (Payees’ and bank’s address) and quite a few codes (no sort code?). I’m based in the UK and bank with Natwest, can fellow members who know about UK banking help me...
  4. Squashh

    Pakistan has nothing to do with Uri attack: HC tells India

    what 'goods' did they find? Halal's ding dong bubble or a comb, shan masala packet perhaps? Indian government is so vile, dear lord. God bless my country for putting up with such a vicious neighbour.
  5. Squashh

    Hurriyat calls for referendum rally in Occupied Kashmir

    They will have to learn to live with this horror unfortunately. There never will be a referendum. Hurriat is naive to keep asking for it. Migration when the situation normalises is the only way, but Indian government se tawaqqo karni chor dain.
  6. Squashh

    Poll | Should there be a 'total ban' on Indian media in Pakistan??

    India news channels are so unprofessional and loud that even India should ban them to save their people. I find Ndtv good but rest are as idiotic as it gets. Entertainment channels can keep running, but alternatively Pakistan's channels can buy shows and telecast them on our own channels. Which...
  7. Squashh

    Movies to watch out for, From Pakistan!

    Lahore se Karachi bohot achi lag rahi hai!!!!! Yasir ki acting Dareecha main zaberdast thi aur jagain bohot khubsurat lag rahi hain :D ager reviews ache aye to main cinema mai dekhungi
  8. Squashh

    Exclusive Footage: People of Balochistan are always with Pakistan .

    That's what I was thinking. We all curse government for their incompetences, we never praise them for no reason. We are actually quite critical towards every institution we have, and rightly so. But we as a nation are one.
  9. Squashh

    Pak-India Social Media 'warriors'

    Sums it up perfectly. http://www.dawn.com/news/1275113/meet-pakistani-social-medias-angry-parrots (Too many pics to paste here)
  10. Squashh

    There's retards everywhere, India ho ya america, look at the lunatic running for presidency

    There's retards everywhere, India ho ya america, look at the lunatic running for presidency
  11. Squashh

    A Solution to Kashmir

    No ones here to vent and no ones looking for war. Pakistan does not want to snatch Kashmir believe it or not, but you as an Indian don't seem sensitive to their problem, I only ever sense anger or ruthlessness.
  12. Squashh

    A Solution to Kashmir

    Is it more important to safeguard the people or secure the land? It is clear from Indian position that they not care about the plight of Kashmiri people, they are Muslim so that makes Indian state even more aloof. People of India probably don't have time or incentive to do protests nationwide...
  13. Squashh

    Pakistani Models And Actresses

    Hello beta aaj kal kiske peeche ho, some news faces on tv i've seen myself :p::enjoy:
  14. Squashh

    Around 100 wild dogs shot dead in Karachi

    This is cruel man :( getting them injected so they are safe to roam in the city is a better option than shooting them like this.
  15. Squashh

    Doodh soda — the drink for the summers. Rawalpindi

    Are u scared to try cos u might explode? Lol milk soda is the best thing!
  16. Squashh

    Coke Studio for the Deaf

    What an incredible initiative by Coke Studio and Strings! Gave me soo much joy seeing this. 9 million is a staggering number, I really want to learn the sign language now and interact deaf and mute, I feel they have soo much intelligence, also they are very people cause they are away from the...
  17. Squashh

    Pakistani Models And Actresses

    fakhremirpur's fantasy :P
  18. Squashh

    Pakistani Fashion

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