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  1. retaxis

    Are Russia and China poised to forge an alliance?

    Are Russia and China poised to forge an alliance? Danil Bochkov Share A container is lifted by a gantry crane at Suifenhe Railway Port in Suifenhe, an important Chinese port for trade with Russia, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Oct. 28, 2020. /Xinhua Editor's note: Danil Bochkov is...
  2. retaxis

    Why India needs Tibet

    https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/india-china-relations-and-geopolitics-water#:~:text=It%20is%20estimated%20that%20718,%25%2C%20runs%20directly%20into%20India. India-China relations and the geopolitics of water AMEYA PRATAP SINGH URVI TEMBEY Control over key rivers effectively...
  3. retaxis

    China holds back when dealing with Indians.

    Recently in the clash, Chinese killed 2 dozen Indians and captured over 70 but not a picture is shown anywhere. Chinese often holds back and act civilised towards their enemies and do not want to totally humiliate them. Afterall, Indians buy up so much of Chinese goods and are a customer so its...
  4. retaxis

    What happens militarily if China, Russia and Pakistan go to war with India?

    Russia has pretty much thrown India under the bus as they detest hypocrites and India remains an American boot licker which Russians really hate. That is why whenever China and India have scuffles, Russia starts talking about Military Pact with China. Russia fully backs China politically and...
  5. retaxis

    Who else should be part of China russia alliance?

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-23/vladimir-putin-says-russia-china-military-alliance-possible/12805678 should we make our own Quad and have Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China? Im sure lots of other countries like Laos, Cambodia, NK, Burma, Venezuela etc want to join too as well as all...
  6. retaxis

    Logically what will IS do next?

    It seems they have over the past year (and feel free to correct me and fill in the blanks) that they have been acquiring land mass and supporters in various aspects of the world especially the poorer and more impoverished nations Some of the main areas which they acquire in excess of Syria/Iraq...
  7. retaxis

    How Long will Turkey Stay In NATO for?

    You see as Europe is becoming more anti-islamic due to the refugee crisis, differences in culture and etc. Many of the countries within Europe who have always opposed Turkey to join the EU (and succeeded) are now blaming Turkey for flooding their nations with millions of immigrants. America at...
  8. retaxis

    Turkey officially enemy of both China and Russia

    Russian president hates the Turkish president and policies as he called him a terrorist and told him to die. Chinese president hates Turkish president because Turkish president said genocide is occuring in Xinjiang and supports separatists etc. China and Russia are both global powers with...

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