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  1. Squashh

    Help: Step by step guide: Donating for dams fund

    Hi folks, I’m really struggling with how to donate using the info provided for nostro account. Theres two addresses provided (Payees’ and bank’s address) and quite a few codes (no sort code?). I’m based in the UK and bank with Natwest, can fellow members who know about UK banking help me...
  2. Squashh

    Pak-India Social Media 'warriors'

    Sums it up perfectly. http://www.dawn.com/news/1275113/meet-pakistani-social-medias-angry-parrots (Too many pics to paste here)
  3. Squashh

    A Solution to Kashmir

    Is it more important to safeguard the people or secure the land? It is clear from Indian position that they not care about the plight of Kashmiri people, they are Muslim so that makes Indian state even more aloof. People of India probably don't have time or incentive to do protests nationwide...
  4. Squashh

    Manto (2015)

    Theatrical trailer released. Comments?
  5. Squashh

    Any Kashmiri members?

    I know many Kashmiris in real life who are from Azad Kashmir, but never met any from Jammu Kashmir region, if there is any one who is actually living there or belongs to the region but living abroad, please respond. I have few questions that I need to ask, would like to know first hand information.
  6. Squashh

    Coke Studio Pakistan - Season 8.

    Atif's tribute to Sabri brothers.

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