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  1. Dr. NooB NinjA

    “India is the only country trying to become a global economic power with an uneducated and unhealthy

    Ahh... The doctors.... Yeah right... What about thhose iitians engineers iim grads huh... Ever heard of charitable shop or a restaurant or a mall or a movie theatre .?? Stll u will find charitable clinics and hospitals... Doctors here r doing their fair share for the country... I hope u are...
  2. Dr. NooB NinjA

    India and Pakistan exchange blows at Wagah border

    Is it just me or nobody here saw the pretty anchor in the clip.. Video funny and stupid .. :crazy: Anchor is pretty .. :smitten:
  3. Dr. NooB NinjA

    How much is your downpayment to buy your new vehicle ?

    I bought a Honda City for 1.2 million INR... All cash.. In 2015.. Love the car.. Pleasure to drive... Had the option of downpayment also... 20% upfront... Rest in monthly installments spread over 7 years.. Rate of interest at 5.99% a year....
  4. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Pakistani father of 35 aims to have 100 children

    That is 25 babies per wife.. Considering that atleast one year is needed to make one baby, each of his wife needs to be pregnant for a good 25 years... That is really bat siht insane.... :crazy:
  5. Dr. NooB NinjA

    PDFians ! Please list your occupation or field of study here :)

    I stay in Indore.. Its a city in central India... Not many people really know about it i guess.. o_O
  6. Dr. NooB NinjA

    PDFians ! Please list your occupation or field of study here :)

    Doctor.. Owner of a small 20 bedded nursing home.. :angel:
  7. Dr. NooB NinjA

    See what your country tops the world in

    Congratulations.... You have earned very well deserved 50cents... :partay:
  8. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Do you tip food delivery boys?

    I do... Around 10 rupees...
  9. Dr. NooB NinjA

    The first time post about my hometown pictures , i'm a little nervour

    Wow.... Great pics... I can only dream of having such a wonderful city... Being a tier 3 city resident myself... Hope development of this scale catches up here too... Congrats...
  10. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Christian on death row for blasphemy loses appeal in Pakistan court

    You sir, are the only 'PIG' I see around littering the pdf... Waiting for the clean up act against you... And a ban against me...
  11. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Pakistani mob attacks Ahmadiyya Mosque in Okara

    With people like these in the society.... This is hardly surprising... God help Pakistan... The govt shud do so.ething before its too late... Only quality education and lesson of tolerance can save Pakistan.... Sad incident...
  12. Dr. NooB NinjA

    '2mn cows smuggled from India every year'

    There should be a proper export mecbanism... Smuggling is a strict no... We lose out on a lot of money because of it...
  13. Dr. NooB NinjA

    What is your opinion regarding a Petrol/Diesel Car of the same category?

    I am driving Honda Amaze diesel as of now... And it truly is amazing... With mileage of approx 20kms per liter of diesel in city/highway drive in a 50:50 ratio... Very peppy engine and fun to drive... And planning to buy Hyundai i20 elite petrol in 2-3 months... Already test drove it.. All...
  14. Dr. NooB NinjA

    China invites Nawaz Sharif

  15. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Indian, who joined ISIS in Iraq, killed: Report

    Good riddance... Ppl like him are more than welcome to choose his path...
  16. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Pakistan, Obsessed Over India, Risks Anarchy

    Lol Lol man.... You do absolute justice to ur name.... :enjoy::alcoholic:
  17. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Any Indian Rail fan here?

    What a waste f bandwidth ......

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