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    China is ignoring Australia, Trade Minister Dan Tehan admits

    You forget that they founded an alliance (Quad) to contain China. That is a openly hostile act. Or do you think that China should succumb to Quad's will and become their "Yes Man"? The thing that trouble China is Quad. If they disband Quad, China will change their mood.
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    Rich men in Japan prefer Chinese COVID-19 vaccines, instead of Pfizer vaccines

    I read from newspaper that some people die after they get a shot with pzifer vaccine. Some other get dangerous allergic. So it's up to you if you dare to take Pzifer vaccine or not. I, myself won't take pzifer.
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    India far ahead of China in leading the world with ideas: Rajnath Singh

    You can't? Actually India is really inspire the future. You can find it in Cyberpunk 2077, a recent very popular game from an Eastern Europe Game Developer. I, myself surprise, when the envisioned futuristic city like Night City in the game is actually has very dirty street and slum, like in...
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    Chengdu J-20 5th Generation Aircraft News & Discussions

    I remember an old time when I played the supposedly Jet Fighter Simulator game, but actually more arcade than a simulation. As the game let you, a single pilot with single fighter fight the whole enemy elements in the battlefield. I don't think a real war work like that. J-20 won't sortie...
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    Genshin Impact becomes top grossing game worldwide in Oct: Sensor Tower

    It's not free, it's Pay to Win, LOL.
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    Disney announces two Mandalorian spinoff series: Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka

    Star Wars is outdated, over exploited space franchise for kids, Star Trek is an outdated, over exploited space franchise for nerds. I prefer The Expanse, a new sci-fi concept that can satisfy a 21th century sci-fi fan.
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    Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 processor will power the Android flagships of 2021

    It is Trump that kill Qualcomm, not China, by kicking many of their clients out of their reach. Before Trump, Qualcomm expanded with Chinese clients like Huawei. But after Trump, they have to beat their own tongue because they lose a lot of potential sales just because Trump attack China. Well...
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    'Stealing our culture': South Koreans upset after China claims kimchi as its own

    Well, I thought South Korean steal Yin Yang symbol from China
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    Indonesia Defence Forum

    This is informative. But is it wise to tell it in international community like this? Well, we can always say that we have Force Shield, but her position should be secret, isn't it?
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    Travel in "flying taxi": China's EHang conducts manned test flights in Gansu

    But I think that this "Flying Taxi" should be limited to short flights only. As long range flight has more unforeseen danger that we can't predict. Just imagine if you're alone riding this flying taxi then fall into a unhibitated mountain range. If you die, then it's over. But if you survive, or...
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    Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh provided high-tech gear to manage heavy winter: Military

    I'm not surprised. China has an objective to colonize Moon or Mars. So they have research on how to make humans live in extreme condition. I think this deployment can also be considered as research for them, too.
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    China orders 121 more Russian helicopters

    Are you suggest the one from an old television series?
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    China orders 121 more Russian helicopters

    Number. When your production can't meet the demand, you have to find from others.
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    Chinese woman beats 2 men with karate

    The twitter video is gone?
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    Chinese woman beats 2 men with karate

    That's not karate, that's kungfu. I'm not saying that because she's a Chinese, but the way she counter the first man is kungfu.
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    Huawei's base station teardown shows dependence on US-made parts

    US made part? Then who spying who actually? LOL
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    Chinese girls guarding borders with India in China's south Tibet

    Are you saying that your soldiers are morally ugly so they will rape those girls if they become India's prisoner of war? Wow, just wow. I thought India has the same level of moral standard like Pakistan and Chinese Armies. To respect the prisoner of war, treat them like human, and return them to...
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    India has requested for six MQ-9 drones from the US at the cost of $600 million.

    Well, somebody said that Wing Loong price is only 2 million USD, compared to MQ-9 that 19 Million USD.
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    China CETC showcased it's swarm drone

    They can but they won't. The sequence is important to prevent any collision between one drone to another.

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