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  1. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Highest number of thanks received by a post??!!

    I came across one particular post in a thread which has over 50 thanks..!!!!! http://www.defence.pk/forums/world-affairs/212880-america-s-latest-tv-fixation-nuclear-war-pakistan.html See post #4 in this thread..!!!! :woot: :woot: Any other posts in any thread having these many...
  2. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Rumors after which Assamese were fleeing Bangalore originated from Pakistan

    Just heard this piece in breaking news on TV.... Matter to be taken up with GOP.... Dont have any link to back up my claim as yet(will be out in e-print media soon I think).... Just wanted to start the debate.... Please dont kill the messenger.... :angel: :angel:
  3. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Pranab Mukherjee voted India's 13th President

    NEW DELHI: UPA presidential candidate and former finance minister Pranab Mukherjee got the magic figures (around 5.18 lakh worth of votes) to become new President of India. He got the required number during the ongoing counting of votes at Parliament House here on Sunday. The formal announcement...
  4. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Please help me decide which car to buy..!!

    Hello.. I want to but a car in a week or so.. I have narrowed down to two cars.. Help me as to which if these two I should buy.. :help: :help: Option 1 : Hyundai Accent Executive (565000/- INR on road) + Sedan in the price of a hatchback + Larger boot space + Better ride quality(Personal...
  5. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Army seeks huge funds to counter China, Pakistan

    NEW DELHI: The 12th Army Plan charts out an ambitious roadmap to improve the combat ratio against both China and Pakistan, upgrade military infrastructure along the "northern borders", ensure third-generation night-fighting capabilities and induct attack helicopters. Another thrust area in the...
  6. Dr. NooB NinjA

    India overtakes US as Nigeria's biggest export market.

    India overtakes US as Nigeria's biggest export market - The Times of India PAUL OHIA ABUJA: India has overtaken the US to become Nigeria's largest market for exports, according to the first quarter Trade Statistics released by the oil-rich African country's National Bureau of Statistics...
  7. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Visit to the Jain temple : Somewhere in central India..

    Hello.. Here are the pics of the temple I visited today... Was very peaceful and scenic .. Sharing some snaps.. :smitten: Mods : Can you please merge this thread into the thread ofr "Pics of Indian temples" .. Could not find it..
  8. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Post the television advertisements you like here....!!

    The new coke commercial... A big :tup: ... I envy the creativity of people sometimes..!! :pop:
  9. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Bill introduced in US House to freeze all aid to Pakistan

    WASHINGTON: A key American lawmaker from Texas has introduced a resolution in the House of Representative to freeze all US aid to Pakistan. The House Resolution (No HR 3013) if passed will freeze all US aid to Pakistan with the exception of funds that are designated to help secure nuclear...
  10. Dr. NooB NinjA

    Average Pakistanis' take on guns..

    I just wanted to know what is the take of an average Pakistani civilian on possession of guns and fire arms.. :sniper: :guns: Approximately how many people actually own guns(licensed or otherwise).. :guns: :guns: Are firearms freely available if one wishes to acquire them.? How do the...

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