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    plz book

    plz book
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    "The Air Pockets"

    Dear mein bhi kafi arsa sey dohnd reha hn, plz mujhe bhi send ker do. vikas29oct@gmail.com
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    MRTP-33 Fast Attack Boats

    ULLA ----but they do carry AGM-114 Hellfire (Surface-to-surface type)
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    what that which must be broken before going to use it
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    Pakistan Navy Naval Exercise AMAN-13

    he is just trying to make a shade with his hand:) avoiding sun shine...
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    Short Service Commission in Pak Navy 2011

    u can apply foe contract
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    Regarding IT branch in pakistan navy

    well alpha bravo dont worry. if u have done BS It then u must join it what reason they are giving u for ignoring u .
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    Regarding IT branch in pakistan navy

    Well Pak navy is great since they wear white uniforms :)
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    Pakistani Destroyer with USS Mobile Bay

    well they are quite strong in Air Defence as compared to Indian smallness :)
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    Pakistan Govt focusing on modernising Pakistan Navy

    Good luck CNS. We expect enhancements in IT field of PN Navy
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    Regarding IT branch in pakistan navy

    It is said that the only branch in navy is operation branch. No it branch.
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    Regarding IT branch in pakistan navy

    "During service as Sub.LT you get 43,000. " are u sure about this? i mean when they become staff officers then they start gettin 40k?
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    Regarding IT branch in pakistan navy

    Well saira you got the Title?
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    Regarding IT branch in pakistan navy

    well sohail i really worried about your last sentence that smells kind of "as if you are just playing here" "i love wandering on ocean" someone told me that IT personal work on land and never go on ships. So wt you say?
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    Indian Navy Air Craft Carrier INS Virat

    only 1 :) you are having
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    One question regarding SSC Short Service Commission

    Hello every body. I just wanted to know that when there is add of Short Service commission in Pak army then the training period is 6 months. After that you get a rank of Captain. On the other hand when you apply in pak navy then you pass out with the rank of Sub Lieutenant. Why is it so...
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    Pakistan navy short service comission queries

    yar just be confidant and go ahead. dont think too much. Those who are already in this branch they are also human being, Good luck,
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    ok bro thanks

    ok bro thanks
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    Payscales of Commissioned Officers of Pak Navy

    @ Asim Thank you so much, @ others. Thanks too for having your views. Regards

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