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  1. Fawadqasim1

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Like it or not j10c's are coming an absolutely right and wise decision by PAF to replace larger airframe mirage.
  2. Fawadqasim1

    Mobile phone imports surge 52pc to $938m in July-Dec FY21

    Is it? In this age of information. for 80% of Pakistanis it's the only source of information communication and entertainment and also security and it's already taxed to the eyeballs 90% of these phones are below $150 sets so it can't be termed as a luxury.
  3. Fawadqasim1

    [FIXED] YouTube and no other Google service working

    Everything is back to normal
  4. Fawadqasim1

    China to Import Beef And Build Slaughterhouses in Pakistan

    Our people are protein starved we should ban beef export.
  5. Fawadqasim1

    A Universe Not Made For Us (Carl Sagan)

    An old rotten story many many many absolutely isolated hunter gatherer forager tribes were and are monotheists.
  6. Fawadqasim1

    spacex starship sn8 explodes on landing after test flight

    Watch the last 10 minutes it's a marvelous technology but needs more time to mature.
  7. Fawadqasim1

    spacex starship sn8 explodes on landing after test flight

  8. Fawadqasim1

    Rich countries hoarding Covid vaccines

    The torch bearers of universal human rights.
  9. Fawadqasim1

    How can Pakistan counter India’s ABM system?

    yes but we must not become complacent over such successes i fear this attitude
  10. Fawadqasim1

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    I think we should try it
  11. Fawadqasim1

    Former accountability judge Arshad Malik passes away due to coronavirus lGNN l04 Dec 2020

    Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un May God grant him firdaus An honest man and we have dearth of such people.
  12. Fawadqasim1

    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    very high tolerances in moving parts precision engineering.
  13. Fawadqasim1

    Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 processor will power the Android flagships of 2021

    And itself will be dethroned by RISC-V within a decade.
  14. Fawadqasim1

    Featured Fuel loading starts for nuclear power plant testing

    ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ‎, al-Ḥamdu lillāh

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