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    Egypt's grand imam calls polygamy an 'injustice

    So, it means never lol

    Explosion hits Israeli-owned cargo ship in Gulf of Oman, no injuries

    This is not some heavy hit ... but it came from outside .. if looking at metal bents ...

    Explosion hits Israeli-owned cargo ship in Gulf of Oman, no injuries

    Seems some kind of equipment on that floor and has been removed before taking pictures .... @Irfan Baloch and others ....

    Saudi Arabia ‘rejects’ US report on Khashoggi

    Don't worry they already have that ave ... lolzz... Anyway, some powerful in Saudi family wants Naif back in power. Recently, MBS soften Naif security and gave partial freedom. But as we all know Kashoggi is actually Turkish origin and his great grand parents migrated to Madina and later his...

    A call for Pakistani Unity

    It is really heartbreaking ..when we entrepreneur sacrifice national interest for company profit. Look at energy crisis in our country. The last harsh dialogue between Tabish Gohar vs Nadeem Baber, Mansha and Dawood, before his resignation ....

    A message from Yemen

    Pakistan has 200,000 soldiers under UN flag, they can easily secured the ports.

    A message from Yemen


    Pakistan will remain in FATF grey list

    Our banking sector still need lots of improvements. Need fully secured and computerized.

    Pakistan will remain in FATF grey list

    Imagine Iran and North Korea in blacklist for decades ..... lolzz
  10. HAIDER

    Pakistan will remain in FATF grey list

    as expected ... anyone come rescue ???? I think same countries again .. There are, however, no chances that Pakistan could be put in the blacklist because it has at least three members of the FATF — China, Turkey and Malaysia — who can sustain all pressures against any downgrade.
  11. HAIDER

    Tesla's US rival Lucid Motors says exploring possibility of building plant in China

    I doubt, massive battery supply and manufacturing material problem in US. Plus, processing chip supply is extremely low. Lucid little late in game. Tesla is already landing in ME through Israel. UAE should run fast and provide Tesla manufacturing opportunity like Germany.
  12. HAIDER

    Lessons From 1971 War

    One and only lesson ..... never trust big mouth and powerful " allies" .
  13. HAIDER

    Broadsheet pays £20,000 in legal costs to Sharif family after withdrawing Avenfield claim

    UK is black money parking paradise .... they welcome and their laws provide protection to such illegal acts, which they oppose in FATF .... lol .... what a joke....
  14. HAIDER

    Laugh of the day "No F-16 was shot down" okay Mr Brigade Major !

    Pentagon knows all movements of F16 when ground or in the air. And they are happy with F 16 encounter and shot down Mig and SU 30. It's massive sales pitch for F 16 ...
  15. HAIDER

    Famous Drama Writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar got angry - left the talk show

    Well, we agree or not from Khalil ...but men also need #metoo .....
  16. HAIDER

    Lockheed Receives Mission Planning Contract for Potential F-16 Sales to India, Pakistan, 21 Other Nations

    Lockheed Martin received a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contract worth $64.3 million for F-16 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) mission planning. It involves FMS to Slovakia, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Morocco, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, India, Indonesia...
  17. HAIDER

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Today watching Mujahid Anwar on ARYnews. Pakistan already acquired JF17 III . What new aircraft PAF is planning to add ? . Your take please.
  18. HAIDER

    The silence on Uzair Baloch's Iran connection

    I can't deep down. My uncle property stuck in Karachi. What we have seen it's unbelievable. Beside govt anyone else .... PEOPLE are corrupt to the core . I don't know why so much coverage to Uzair. Uzair is ugly face of our society nothing else.
  19. HAIDER

    The silence on Uzair Baloch's Iran connection

    Lawless country , interest groups are more stronger then nation. Looking at recent property cases in Karachi , it feel Uzair Baluch is nothing ..... lol
  20. HAIDER

    Saudi Arabia plans to set up $10 billion oil refinery in Gwadar by year-end

    Let's see if they are taking over PARCO project or two different location. But nothing is clear yet. Both located on Gwadar oil city . But, if it's only KSA investment then they only refined their oil or oil from UAE. Interesting scenario.

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