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  1. Skull and Bones

    Life of Soldiers-HAL Rudra Attack Helicopter

    hats off to the skill of the pilot.
  2. Skull and Bones

    ‘Solar-Heated Military Tent’: Sonam Wangchuk, Inspiration For 3 Idiots, Comes Up With New Innovation For Indian Armed Forces

    A scaled up version of this can be used to grow foods in remote areas using hydroponics.
  3. Skull and Bones

    Indian Army deploys K-9 Vajra howitzers in Ladakh for high altitude operations

    Talks for another 180 howitzers are in process.
  4. Skull and Bones

    Electric battle tanks. Petrol Rs 96/litre in India

    Brilliant thread, PDF will touch new highs with such articulated and well researched opinions.
  5. Skull and Bones

    MDL Delivers 3rd Scorpene-Class Submarine To The Indian Navy

    Should pursue follow on submarine orders for the Scorpene, and the Russian offer for refurbishment and +3 Kilo class submarines should also be exercised.
  6. Skull and Bones

    Disney+ now has 95 million subscribers

    Mandalorian saved it, Netflix and HBO/Hulu are way better than Disney+.
  7. Skull and Bones

    Tesla to set up electric car manufacturing unit in India’s Karnataka State😎!

    Good, hopefully Tata and Mahindra doubles down in their effort to make EVs too. A Mahindra Scorpio EV with 500 km range is all I want.
  8. Skull and Bones

    4G internet connectivity restored in Jammu & Kashmir

    Shouldn't have been cut in the first place, rather all calls and data should be monitored to weed out the extremists.
  9. Skull and Bones

    GAMESTOP Stock Craze and Wall Street Bets

    YOLO'ed $2000 into AMC.
  10. Skull and Bones

    The cat is out of the bag: Foreign troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond May deadline: Nato officials

    Good development, India should invest more for a prosperous Afghanistan.
  11. Skull and Bones

    Tesla's dirty little secret: Its net profit doesn't come from selling cars

    Michael J Burry shorted Tesla at these levels, and I kind of agree with him.
  12. Skull and Bones

    Whats the deal with /r/wallstreetbets and can Pakistani's benefit?

    bunch of YOLO investors, will take down everyone with them.
  13. Skull and Bones

    US: One Lucky Lottery Ticket Wins Mega Millions' $1BILLION Prize!!!

    If he wants a lump sum settlement, then he will probably get somewhere around 400-450 million.
  14. Skull and Bones

    Grephene material developed at just 1% cost of market, super capacitor also developed for auto applications.

    Nevermind, I found the patent from the Scientist listed as the spokesperson, from the University of Bristol. The quote is taken from the patent listed by him. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20200203033A1/en Hence the battery will not be effective for using in cars, or any other...
  15. Skull and Bones

    Grephene material developed at just 1% cost of market, super capacitor also developed for auto applications.

    Its an interesting idea, if you can find the research paper or patent on it, please upload it here. All I could get are some news media coverage without anything scientifically substantial data.
  16. Skull and Bones

    ‘I feel great’: Bill Gates shares photo of himself getting first dose of [Pfizer] COVID-19 vaccine

    Now he can track himself with his self implanted microchip.

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