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  1. American Pakistani

    Two Years of Balakot Lies: Our Punitive Response

    Journalists were taken to the site of Bharti bombing. No matter how much you brainwashed brain make you believe, that is the case. If Pakistan have kuldhushan until today despite of so much Indian b1tch1ng in front of the world, what makes you think Pakistan give afkk about an intruder...
  2. American Pakistani

    Two Years of Balakot Lies: Our Punitive Response

    For sure you just pop out of your Bharti media cave hole. The journalists were at the spot at the same day. Stop distorting history again. And if your coordinates were pre set,dude your airforce and Intel is complete failure as they end up hitting 5 trees and a crow.
  3. American Pakistani

    India will overtake China in the next 25 years: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

    Maybe in population only. This is same India who claimed having "white" servants by 2020.
  4. American Pakistani

    Pakistan Tells FATF It Made Progress on All 27 Benchmarks

    Honestly, I want Pakistan to stay on Grey list for another 2 years or so. This has done us wonders in controlling black money going out and hamper terrorist groups financing from India and elsewhere.
  5. American Pakistani

    Can the UAE emerge as a leading global defense supplier?

    @The SC As much as I would like UAE and entire Muslim world to develop scientifically together, it is not that easy and possible. Especially when we are all at each other's throat and wasting energy and resources against each other. I would love to see Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Turkeye...
  6. American Pakistani

    Pentagon won't commit to Afghanistan troop withdrawal by May, says Taliban are not honoring commitments to US

    There is plenty of money for defense companies and arms manufacturers to keep the troops. Besides that, Afghanistan have trillions of $ worth minerals, stones and gems.
  7. American Pakistani

    Is Karachi , finally seeing a change after almost 6.9 Billion Dollar Special Package ?

    I've said in the past and will say again. No such package will work even if you multiply times 10 unless you give powers to local govts.
  8. American Pakistani

    Bangladesh set to outpace Pakistan’s auto sector

    Sir ji those are not Pakistani companies. And those companies mostly assembles in Pakistan not manufacture in Pakistan.
  9. American Pakistani

    China Appreciates Pakistan And The UAE’s Positions On Xinjiang And Uyghurs Webin added that since 2018, more than 1,200 people from over 100 states ha

    I highly doubt something as close to what these western and Indian news want us to believe. And whatever is happening is China's internal matter. Can we talk about French treatment of Muslims? No country allows people going against it's set govt system. Not even United States. Recent...
  10. American Pakistani

    Possible Solution For FC Balochistans Ambush problem.

    Americans are planning on leaving Afghanistan. Get some mraps.
  11. American Pakistani

    Kashmir is on the brink of genocide, warns American scholar

    Indian state sponsored terrorism is on going in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and with no internet there is no exposure.
  12. American Pakistani

    U.S. calls for dialogue to resolve India's farmers' protests

    So even American embassy is poking its nose in india's internal affairs. India now have no choice.
  13. American Pakistani

    Punjab Song | Pakistani Punjabis sing emotional song for Indian Farmers | by Lahoriye

    Started by India. You got involved with bla TTP mqm lej jsqm terrorists. Pakistan didn't even went that far and just supported Khalistani farmers.
  14. American Pakistani

    Biden administration pauses arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE including sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets

    It's time these middle eastern countries realize the game. All these Gulfies licking Israel and west while Iran licking India. Hopefully they have learnt the lesson.
  15. American Pakistani

    Anglophile Owner of Cafe Cannoli in Islamabad Harass Manager for "Poor English Accent".

    Not acceptable at all. Should be fined. Besides if they needed someone who could speak English, they should've decided during the hiring process. I don't understand the point of insulting him, to me seems like they are some men hater aurat March type londyas who just hate men and feel satisfied.
  16. American Pakistani

    Shaheen-3 Missiles 90 Seconds To Delhi

    This qualifies for inter continental.

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