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  1. Free Soul

    Where Tejas falls behind

    Where Tejas falls behind The purpose of this article is to evaluate the wing structure of IAF Tejas LCA, compare it with current 4th generation and beyond aircrafts. With what information we have in regards with Tejas LCA’s airframe diagrams, dimensions of the wings, aerodynamics. We would...
  2. Free Soul

    I Came, I Saw, I Ruined

    I Came, I Saw, I Ruined Internet just because of its nature enables everybody to express their individual ideas without restriction. Where this relatively new phenomenon gives everyone amongst us freedom, an aura of liberation, but it also very often becomes a nuisance when trolls and...
  3. Free Soul

    Bangla Babble

    Bangla Babble There wasn’t just one reason behind the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. People do and may by all means indulge in incoherent babbling and taunts; there is no stopping people from doing that. Whereas asking searching questions of one’s self takes courage. Here i will try...
  4. Free Soul

    Of Thugs, Rambos and Honour

    OF THUGS, RAMBOS AND HONOUR We in this world claim to live as nations. Nations - Referring to communities/tribes of people having a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history? Or people who share a common territory a common government – people of different decent and...
  5. Free Soul

    It’s JUST Business – IBM and the HOLOCAUST

    It’s JUST Business – IBM and the HOLOCAUST IBM had continuous business relationship between Watson's IBM and the Nazi Germany headed by Adolf Hitler and his cronies. The establishment of Concentration camps The first Nazi concentration camps set up in Germany were greatly...
  6. Free Soul

    How PAF Should Counter the SU-30 MKI

    Know Thy Enemy– Dissecting SU-30 MKI Introduction: SU 30 MKI belongs to a world renowned SU 27 family of Russian flankers that are seen as a formidable NATO opponent. SU 30 MKI is presented as the most potent air superiority fighter in the heavy weight class that comes with an impressive...
  7. Free Soul

    IAF at Farkhor Air Base in Tajikistan present & future Ambitions

    It is a FACT that India is in possession of Farkhor Air Base in Tajikistan. Please note that the presence or absence of squadron of MIG-29s is only one aspect of the sheer ambition bordering obsession of establishing itself as a regional power & sell itself as a credible & suitable watchdog for...

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