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    Maneka Gandhi has a point: Indian Army's animal practices need a rethink

    And what about the Khalsa (Sikhs), what about the pure vegetarians Jats.... are they not fierce and brave warriors than the gurkhas... are they not from the "warrior culture", you need to modernise both internally and externally... these are barbaric medieval cultures which needs to do away with...
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    Netaji: The missing links

    The only "HERO" that India ever had, will ever have. after declassifying the files, GoI must declare him "The Father Of The Nation"... and print notes with his face, not the bald one currently there and declare 23rd january national holiday and scrap 2nd october from holiday list
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    The Last Stand - Air War 1971

    The maoists are fighting against india only for economic deprivation... there are several other organizations in NE india who are fighting to break away from India- most have economic deeprivation has there agenda. And now the answer for your bolded parts Disparities[edit] Although East...
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    India offers Bangladesh another $1bn credit

    And then we will focefully take those cattles from them and not allow them to do anything with it :lol:
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    The Last Stand - Air War 1971

    Then pray tell me what justifies Rebellion? What is (or was) LTTE in Sri lanka fighting for? What are the maoists in India fighting for? What are the rebellions in the North-East fighting for? What are one of the most important reasons for the insugency in your own Baluchistan? Open your eyes...
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    'Starving Bangladesh of beef' would cost India $5 Billion

    Aato besi goru keyo na.. heart attack korbe..... :lol:
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    'Starving Bangladesh of beef' would cost India $5 Billion

    When a cow dies naturally, It might be burnt or buried ( generally cows die naturally in go-shalas cowsheds...). The leather industry of india is the most cruel one with the cows skinned alive sometimes.... we also import the skin from bangladesh illegally after they have buchered the cows...
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    'Starving Bangladesh of beef' would cost India $5 Billion

    See by exporting beef.. we are not going to receive a huge amount of money or anything that will turn our economy.... and there is something which the government cannot do as the majority hindus and sikhs despise cow slaughter.. and for you info.... according to basic tenants of hinduism, by...
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    'Starving Bangladesh of beef' would cost India $5 Billion

    But we won't be selling it to you...!!!!
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    Beautiful Bangladesh

    How do you know bengali and type in bengali?
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    Celebrations in Srinagar On indian defeat , Indian media pissed

    And so is the level of failure... :rofl:
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    Chill Bangladesh Thread

    @bd_4_ever ei chill (pakhi) thread'er modhe tomar kichu obdan daao... :lol:
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    Why Kerala has no beef with beef.

    There should be a blanket ban on beef as well as carabeef throughout india.. anyone buying, selling and eating should meet with strictest punishment...if anyone have any problem with that... well you can leave India.. no one is begging you to stay back!!!
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    IN YOUR FACE SHANGHIS,BHAKTS !In Kerala, a Beef-Eating Fest to Protest Against Beef Ban

    @Aamna Ali let us now focus our attention to the book the hindus worship and have integrated it with their life.. The Bhagwat Gita. You have posted numerous references from vedas and ASI which endorses vedic hindus eating beef.. all these are true, but sadly as I said earlier we do not follow...
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    IN YOUR FACE SHANGHIS,BHAKTS !In Kerala, a Beef-Eating Fest to Protest Against Beef Ban

    @Aamna Ali, sis as you r from my city ( don't know if you r a bengali :P)... let me tell you a couple of things. Like many other pseudo-seculars who argues that "vedic hindus used to eat cows blah blah", I want to say that what is the relation between us and vedic hindus apart from the thing...
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    Reasons why Bangladeshis dislike India.

    Utter BS... don't over-react, no none in India frears the ISI. They can try to carry out terror activities inside India but that does not mean we will fear an economically, technologically and training-wise inferior spy agency..... do not try to portray yourselves as some valiant bravehearts...
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    What Are You Listening to Right Now - Round 2

    Well, it seems now I have become a fan of Flint J after listening to "Backseat".... @BDforever please listen to "Lutya Tu", and give me some feedback:-)
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    How Bangladeshis view Pakistanis today?

    Now mr @damiendehorn you are damn wrong..... :P
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    Akbaruddin Owaisi Strict Warning to Hindutvas

    Our crow is never white, but sometimes reality bites. The muslim community is economically and educationally backward because of governance failure is true.. but somewhere down the line they themselves are also responsible. You tell me if we bring the uniform civil code for the muslims in India...
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    Akbaruddin Owaisi Strict Warning to Hindutvas

    See mate there are specific procedures of joining the army.... clearing the xams, passing gruelling physical tests etc. The indian army is the most secular institution in india and it does not discriminate on the grounds of caste, creed or religion. If the muslims can't clear the xams or tests...

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