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  1. Stryker1982

    Friendly Fire Incident between Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf

    Rumors of a major incident occurring in the Persian gulf. Iranian vessel may be struck by missiles. Allegedly, it was friendly fire. Strong possibility all crew on board are martyred. Major signs of friendly fire strike during live fire military exercises. Live ship mistakenly targeted...
  2. Stryker1982

    U.S Marines Launch Amphibious And Air Assault Exercises On Saudi Islands In The Tense Persian Gulf

  3. Stryker1982

    PDKI Clashes with IRGC in Kermanshah Province

    3 hours of clashes and no air support? It seems like these scumbags haven't learned their lesson. We should've flattened that pathetic base in Iraq.
  4. Stryker1982

    U.S Military launches cruise missile attack on Syria!

    Iran must be prepared.
  5. Stryker1982

    Israeli Airstrikes on Syrian T-4 Airbase martyr 5 Iranians

    Is Iran just going to sit here and take it???
  6. Stryker1982

    Bank Melli Investment Arm to Sell Shares in 30 Firms

    https://financialtribune.com/articles/economy-business-and-markets/80750/bmi-investment-arm-to-sell-shares-in-30-firms Bank Melli Iran’s large-cap investment arm, Tosee Melli Group Investment Company, is planning for a major downsizing by selling off shares in 30 companies. TMGIC’s shares in...
  7. Stryker1982

    IRGC & Artesh Reportedly ordered to drop financial activities

    Possible big news, can anyone confirm? If true & implemented we could end up seeing big spaces opening up in the private sector for ordinary people to fill, to create a healthy competitive economy, rather than state run economy. If we look at all successful and prosperous economies of the...
  8. Stryker1982

    Press Release: Ambassador Haley on Weapons of Iranian Origin Used in Attack on Saudi Arabia

    https://usun.state.gov/remarks/8090 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saudi Arabia recently released information regarding a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis into Saudi Arabia in July 2017. The information shows that the missile was an‎ Iranian Qiam – a type of weapon that had not been present in...

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