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  1. python-000

    Pakistan will get New Air Defence system within this Year - CAS on ARY News .

    This is realy good news but beside that ( jin logon ko jail ke salakhon ka pecha hona chahya the wo wazer e badiyat bana batha hua hain bina kisi election jita inn mujrimon na pura system ko hijeck kya hua ha...
  2. python-000

    Karachi To Get Its First Technology Park Soon

    Bhai kaha sa aya ho yaha Sindh govt na Karachi ko khandar bana dya ha logon ke nokrian khatam kr de hain ya ppp Karachi or yaha ka logon ka lya aik azab ban gye ha or ya yaha park banwa rha hain kya tamasha ho raha ha iss shahar ka sath pahla Sindh tabah kya ab Karachi ma a gya...:hitwall:
  3. python-000

    T-129 Atak & Turkish Attack Helicopter Programs

    So just when Pakistan start taking deliveries of these helicopters...:turkey::pakistan:
  4. python-000

    Hundreds of houses razed in anti-encroachment op in Karachi

    ppp taking revenge from the people of Karachi by using name encroachment i wonder why this encroachment dept not demolishing bilawal house...
  5. python-000

    Imran Khan Orders to Launch E-Voting System for Next Elections

    Great job Electronic voting will be a political death warent for ppp & pmln mafias...
  6. python-000

    People of karachi and Malir are with PPPP

    Whatever you say but mqm was a protected shield for Karachi from this ppp virus & mqm era was 1000 times better then this ppp...
  7. python-000

    People of karachi and Malir are with PPPP

    ppp is not a political party its become a criminal group & same situation going in Karachi as what going on with indian muslims (iss na Karachi ma ghunga gardi shru kr de ha har idara ma jali domecile wala log bitha dya hain iss shahar ka logon ka haqooq pr daka dalna ka lya jali mardam shumari...
  8. python-000

    Let's Track: Imran Khan's Rs 1.1 Trillion Karachi Package.

    Fedral must do one thing first kindly kickout this ppp cancer from Karachi because ppp lootna or bawakoof banana boht ache trha sa ata ha...
  9. python-000

    Federal Govt Slams Sindh for Triggering Wheat Crisis Last Year Through Hoarding

    Dose no one can stop ppp from the destruction of Karachi just why fedral govt completely silent over what ever this bloody ppp doing in the city...:frown:
  10. python-000

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    No PAF will replace its ageing F-7p or mirage fleet with these new J-10C's...
  11. python-000

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    What is the status of new attack helicopters for PA...!!!
  12. python-000

    Dawn Editorial: Karachi development

    Iss waqt Karachi ma urdu speakings ko har mumkin tarika sa parashan kya ja raha Khudara karachi pa or iss shahar ka logon pa raham kro or iss shahar ko iss ka haq do...
  13. python-000

    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    May be Pakistan going to inducted 60 J-10CE & 40 J-31/J-35 from China in 2021...;)
  14. python-000

    Dawn Editorial: Karachi development

    People of Karachi never vote ppp but it hijeck this city actuly it is not a political party its a political crimenal mafia & it used it for the distruction of this city it destroy every single departments & institution & by useing different card for destablised this city & whole PAKISTAN...
  15. python-000

    Dawn Editorial: Karachi development

    Ppp is a cancer for Karachi & its people first it destryed whole interior Sindh when finished it then they came into Karachi for there loot & corruption all crimenals are quit with ppp govt... Who told you that prople of Karachi ever voted ppp...!!!
  16. python-000

    Not a fan of Mustafa Kamal but he spoke very good here - #KarachiCensus #PTI #PPP #Quota System #Establishment

    Ppp na Karachi ko andar sa khokhala kr dya ha Karachi ka log kya krain koe iss shahar ka lya ab bolna walan nhi jub guilgit sooba ban sakta ha to Karachi walon na kon sa gunah kya ha akhir Karachi or iss shahar ka logon ka kis bat ke saza mil rhi ha Karachi ka log bhar bakrian nhi hain Karachi...
  17. python-000

    PM Imran to Answer Public’s Live Calls Today

    Sadly not a single question related to Karachi & the rights for the people of Karachi city & what ppp doing with this city for pissing off the people of this poor city...:(
  18. python-000

    SAC FC-31 Stealth Fighter: News & Discussions

    I think j-31/j-35 chapter is closed & it will never enter into production & we never get them...:cry:
  19. python-000

    50th Overhauled C-130 Hercules Video Will Be Alive Soon !!!

    Hats off for our Great & hard working Engeeniers...

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