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  1. DelhiDareDevil

    Hello Indian/Delhi Members - Need Help

    Well simply im from England and all of us are going to Delhi next week for a wedding and some people are not going because of swine flu. I just like to know, how serious is the case of swine flu in India/Delhi and is the media hyping it up?
  2. DelhiDareDevil

    Jaguar and Land Rovers to be built for first time in China Read more: http

    The deal backed by more than £1billion of investment also involves the creation of a completely separate range of vehicles – under a different 'domestic' brand name - developed jointly between JLR and Chery and targeted specifically at the Chinese market. The deal will see the creation of a new...
  3. DelhiDareDevil

    Minister sounds death knell for UK aid to rich nations: Greening axes £280m

    Minister sounds death knell for UK aid to rich nations: Greening axes £280m-a-year handout to India | Mail Online
  4. DelhiDareDevil

    West Indies Captain Sammy "IPL helped out Boys"

    All hail the success of IPL and development of Gayle, Pollard, Narine (3 WI best players helped by IPL)
  5. DelhiDareDevil

    Pakistani Protestor Backlash

    Pakistan protester dies from smoke of burning American flag at anti-film rally - NYPOST.com A Pakistani protester died yesterday after inhaling smoke from a burning American flag during an anti-US rally.
  6. DelhiDareDevil

    Sikhs and EDL Protest Together in Luton

    London: Dozens of far-right English Defence League (EDL) members joined protests by radical Sikhs in the town of Luton, which is about 50 km north of London, furious about the way young women in their communities are being sexually exploited and groomed by British-Pakistani Muslims. The...
  7. DelhiDareDevil

    Muslim pair accused of planning jihad bomb attack on Jews in Britain

    This is absolutely terrifying, UK needs to do more to protect the Jews from Muslims, and the world as well. Muslim pair accused of planning jihad bomb attack on Jews in Britain | UK news | guardian.co.uk
  8. DelhiDareDevil

    Muslim woman who subjected girl, 10 to beating for not reading Quran.

    A Muslim woman who repeatedly attacked a 10-year-old girl with a steel ladle for not reading enough verses of the Koran was jailed today. Asia Parveen, 31, who was pregnant at the time, left the child with 57 injuries and later claimed her violent outburst had been prompted by her hormones...
  9. DelhiDareDevil

    China Counterfeit Thread

    One of the worst I have seen now :shout: Counterfeit Queen: The latest in Chinese knock-offs sees mock monarch mobbed in Shanghai | Mail Online
  10. DelhiDareDevil

    Egypt's new constitution legalises sex with dead wives

    Egypt's 'plans for farewell intercourse law so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives' branded a 'complete nonsense' | Mail Online :what: Seems like they were better with they old leadership. Muslim source http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/25/210198.html
  11. DelhiDareDevil

    Need some help about China

    Well this July, I will be going to China to help teach young kid English. I got a option of 3 places to teach in, can someone help me which province will be best to chose from. • Xuzhou • Shaoxing • Dongguan I will be looking for the best state to live in, for a...
  12. DelhiDareDevil

    Iran in Bollywood

    She looks fantastic She is going to be in a movie with Akshay Kumar
  13. DelhiDareDevil

    India, China to boost emerging economies; BRICS Meeting

    NEW DELHI (AP) — Indian and Chinese foreign ministers met Thursday ahead of a summit of leaders from five emerging economies that are pushing for a bigger voice in global financial affairs. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are members of the grouping, known as BRICS, set up nearly...
  14. DelhiDareDevil

    Daily Mail Readers Response to India choosing Rafale Jets - A Good Laugh

    France swoops to rob UK of £13bn Indian jet contract | Mail Online These people are so ignorant.
  15. DelhiDareDevil

    Pakistani Pharamceutical Industry

    BBC News - Contaminated drugs given to 40,000 in Pakistan
  16. DelhiDareDevil

    Amazing Cricket - Aus vs India

    After Australia taking quick 7 Indian wickets. Australia is 4 down for 33 runs at the moment.
  17. DelhiDareDevil

    Immortals Movie

    What a sick movie, almost on par with 300. Couldn't believe in the credits the movie was directed by a Singh. Also Frieda Pinto was in a sex scene, bet Mr Singh got her the role for the movie too. lol
  18. DelhiDareDevil

    Agencies warn of acute Pakistan floods relief shortfall

    Agencies warn of acute Pakistan floods relief shortfall Diseases are on the rise and food stocks are low, aid agencies warn Continue reading the main story Related Stories Pakistan in flood aid 'struggle' Flying over Pakistan's flood zone UN in $365m Pakistan floods plea Relief...
  19. DelhiDareDevil

    India wins two global awards at World Tourism Mart

    India stole the limelight at the World Tourism Mart 2011 here by wining two global awards — World’s Leading Destination and World’s Leading Tourist Board. Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahai received the awards from Graham E. Cooke, president and founder of World Travel Awards, at the Excel...
  20. DelhiDareDevil

    India-Sri Lanka naval exercises ends

    Edit: Already posted/ Mods close this thread, thanks.

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