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    Akhir is dard ki dawa kia hai?

    Assalam O Alaikum I hope all of you brothers are safe and sound. Disclaimer: Alhamdulillah I am living a very happy life and earning a handsome amount and have more than what most people could imagine and dream of. I have no family issues, no financial issues, health is good, ALLAH ka jitna...
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    Shops, restaurants and small markets remained open on Monday in Karachi, Lahore and other big cities

    So since the lockdown started in Karachi. Majority of the people stopped opening shops, businesses. I am from North nazimabad and it was somewhat same here. Only groceries were available, but today I am seeing extra ordinary movement as if people were expecting the lockdown to be overturned. But...
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    Will The Rupee Devalue Further?

    Pre-corona the Rupee started to gain value slowly. But now looking at the current situation it looks like we might be in for another immense devaluation cycle. This means more costlier vehicles, etc and the dream of a Naya Pakistan would again take another hit. What do you guys think?
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    Assalam O Alaikum

    I hope you all are practicing social distancing and reading and watching as much as theories/updates about the origin (the U.S vs China) of the Corona Virus. I have been a reader of this forum for the past couple of years and finally decided to sign up. Some recent threads I have been...

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