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    Updated Price List of 9MM Handguns in Pakistan

    Thanks man. The pistol would be local as I have discussed. My reference has been toying alot given the rural punjab rivalry/local row etc. So I can definitely trust on him getting something that is reliable and not hell-expensive like even Chinese copy costing nothing less than 100-200K...
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    Updated Price List of 9MM Handguns in Pakistan

    So I am thinking to get a pistol for safety. Have gone through some posts on various blogs but none addresses the issues in depth. Would appreciate if someone can clarify the process. I travel a lot so I need an All Pakistan license. My questions: 1- Do I apply for license first? 2- Do I buy...
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    No relief can be granted to an absconder remarks Chief Justice IHC

    Yet it was granted? Qol o fel mai tazaad
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    No one is allowed to undermine the judiciary: CJP

    Except their decisions themselves. Hairaani hui in sahab ko taufeeq nahi Hui suomoto lene ki Karachi ki haalat ibratnaak banane par. Federal ki to G k peeche pare huti hai judiciary wale Babu.
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    Chinese troops forced to take countermeasures against Indian military provocation: military spokesperson

    The only height our neighbors can take is of shamelessness, unfortunately.
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    Featured Former DGI ISI claims Pakistan planned to oust US

    It is no secret Pakistan always stood by the righteous (Afghan) Taliban and when I say that I am not taking away their Jihad and the courage they showed against the world. This is the only thing that comes to my mind whenever I read or hear about my brothers: Hadith: Meri ummat mein se ek...
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    Rupee depreciation: a boon for Pakistan's IT exports

    A freelancer never depends on a single internet so I don't think it's going to benefit much. At least that's the case with me. I'd rather pay all my expenses then to expect something in return when I am enjoying no tax.
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    Rupee depreciation: a boon for Pakistan's IT exports

    Tax exemption already mili Hui hai. What else do you want? I myself am a freelancer and TBH tax exemption is a huge benefit. Although it is till 2025, an extension would be good.
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    CPEC under vicious attack!

    Accountability by all means is welcomed but watch out for the pattern. And anyways the general already said he'd disclose all the details. Which will Automatically put the new coalition anti-pakistani to hibernate mode. Especially Miriam Prado and Bhakts.
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    PM Imran announces Rs1.1 trillion package for Karachi

    The same thing they always do. The point here is to understand, which the establishment and Federal is not getting or are maybe pretending to. With PPP looking after the affairs of Karachi, the chance of a corpse rising from his grave is higher than PPP actually working towards the betterment of...
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    Non Muslims required

    He started from sanitation and now wants to become a PM a few moments later he would ask why I can't be the head of "Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition'.
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    Former MPA Majeed Achakzai - new addition to UNTOUCHABLE

    I think they bought the judge and he cited because the person driving cannot be confirmed wether it was him or his driver hence acquittal.
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    Featured PM Imran refuses to accept Bajwa’s resignation as SAPM

    I thought IK gave a solid-hard slap to fasaadi's who kept calling him selected rather than elected. General or civilian, money trail is a must but what if he came out clean. Fasaadion ko ignore karna chahiye na k un k uksaaway mai ana chahiye. We all know from where the strings are being pulled.
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    Featured Will Nawaz Sharif surrender to court on September 10?

    Bloody true and root cause of our downfall. It's a vicious circle. The judgements being passed from our not so esteemed courts are more like a slap to the common man. Yelling, if you're rich/elite you belong here, otherwise rot. Btw, Bhutto, perhaps was the only one who because of his ego costed...
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    I agree brother I was just pointing out the fact that if a Prophet's wife can be declared that...

    I agree brother I was just pointing out the fact that if a Prophet's wife can be declared that she will be sent to hell so any other person with such a relation could be as well. You may believe Abu Talib embarrassed Islam and I am fine with that. The problem arises when we start to pressure...
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    Nawaz Sharif's medical reports are fake - Dr Shahbaz Gill

    The impression was that establishment has stopped interfering or has become clean. I am not an anti-army type of guy. But think for a second. How the most filthiest robber could get away this easily? PTI supporters would say it was the lohar high court but then the ultimate question pops up in...
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    Industry seeks ‘Made in Pakistan’ electric vehicles

    No, thanks. We don't want tin ka dabba at 2-3x the price. The more Big 3,stay away from EVs the better for mango people.
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    Featured Bilawal Bhutto Zardari threaten journalist when questioned during a presser

    The fall of Dhaka itself is enough to not consider him a leader or sing praises. Whatever good stuff he did is null and void because of that epic 71 fiasco. Because, you are never going to get Bangladesh back no matter what.

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