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  1. TurkeyForever

    How Turkey Saved French Jews

    That's right hitler, you can't touch turkish jews:
  2. TurkeyForever

    The World Without The US

    Interesting documentary, among other things they say "arab countries would self-destruct without US involvement".
  3. TurkeyForever

    We Might All Die Tomorrow!

    The Asteroid is coming at 21:30 UTC (4:30 p.m. EST) on February 4. Remember Russia a few years ago? Well this is bigger! You can watch it live here: https://www.virtualtelescope.eu/webtv/ Click the small youtube video, live stream will begin tomorrow countdown timer is on video. More info...
  4. TurkeyForever

    Most Non-Aligned Country in WW2

    Found this interesting video:
  5. TurkeyForever

    Future Turkish Strategy in Europe and Asia

    Came across these 2 videos that are good. Europe Strategy = Asia Strategy = Look at 7:25 he says "Turkey is home to about 50 million kurds" What an idiot, I think the speaker is a kurd name is shirwan.
  6. TurkeyForever

    Big Asteroid Coming, Duck And Cover!

    Yesterday there were strange lights in the sky in USA: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/bright-light-flash-meteor-sky-us-great-lakes-michigan-tonight-what-was-latest-a8163386.html Today we are told that a huge asteroid is coming in 2 weeks...
  7. TurkeyForever

    3D Printing in Turkey?

    The future is in 3d printing, we can print all kinds of sophisticated weapons even fighter jets and tanks with it. Is Turkey active in this area?
  8. TurkeyForever

    Terrorist from space

    Apparently they have alien terrorists: http://www.ulusal.com.tr/gundem/abdullah-agar-paylasti-iste-uzayli-pkk-li-h171311.html
  9. TurkeyForever

    Turkey buys biggest aircraft carrier from Spain

    Just read the news in Turkish: http://www.haberturk.com/ekonomi/is-yasam/haber/1434510-ingiliz-ucak-gemisini-turk-firmasi-satin-aldi Apparently a turkish company has bought one of the biggest aircraft carriers in Spain, BUT they will scrap the metal. This is so strange, why not just use it...
  10. TurkeyForever

    North Korea Just Launched Missiles!!!

  11. TurkeyForever

    What is the logic behind call to prayer being in arabic in Turkey?

    I wish we could change the call to prayer from the mosks here in Turkey to turkish, same with prayers from Quran in mosks. Everything is in arabic and 99% don't understand what is being said, it's like music in a foreign language (arabic). Excuse me if I'm over stepping, but I think it's very...
  12. TurkeyForever

    Which country is more powerful Italy or Turkey?

    Which country would you say is more powerful militarily, Italy or Turkey? According to the global fire power website Turkey is ranked 8th and Italy is ranked 11th. http://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-comparison-detail.asp?form=form&country1=italy&country2=turkey&Submit=COMPARE Interesting...
  13. TurkeyForever

    POLL: Should Syrians Get Turkish Citizenship?

    Turkish members, lets have a vote on how many would want the syrians to become citizens of Turkey.
  14. TurkeyForever

    What the Restored Turkey-Russia Relationship Means for the Middle East

    What the Restored Turkey-Russia Relationship Means for the Middle East Perhaps nothing epitomizes the cozier relationship between Russia and Turkey better than the lunch Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin had from plates painted with a picture of the...
  15. TurkeyForever

    Russia Keeps Its Friends Close and Turkey Closer

    Russia Keeps Its Friends Close and Turkey Closer Henry Kissinger reminds us that in international relations, states do not have permanent friends or enemies, only interests. That lesson reverberated Tuesday in St. Petersburg, where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan let bygones be...
  16. TurkeyForever

    Is Turkey Over 80% Jewish?

    I keep doing the math but can't answer it. Here are the facts: In 1600's over 500,000 ashkenazi jews from spain settled in Turkey the Ottoman sultan saved them. In the year 1914 Turkeys population was around 12 million. Today 2015 our population is around 80 million. Simple math tells me we...
  17. TurkeyForever

    The Turkish Enigma

    By George Friedman In my "Net Assessment of the World," I argued that four major segments of the European and Asian landmass were in crisis: Europe, Russia, the Middle East (from the Levant to Iran) and China. Each crisis was different; each was at a different stage of development. Collectively...
  18. TurkeyForever

    Europe According To Turkey

    Too funny many of these according to different countries from different years, know where to find them all the source?
  19. TurkeyForever

    Turkey's Strategic Power Projection by 2023

    I can't help but think what is going on around Turkey now has to do with the treaty of lousanne which expires in 2023, it will give Turkey legal right to take oil fields in north Iraq and some parts of North Syria and Thrace in Greece. When the treaty of lousanne expires in 2023 what do you...
  20. TurkeyForever

    Biggest Mosque in Europe Built in Moscow By Erdogan and Putin

    Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Russia :rofl: I don't know to what extent Turkey is involved but some news sources say Turkey and Russia paid for it together. My guess is that the rich arab nations are paying for it as well, such as Qatar and UAE, Saudi etc.

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