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    Another convoy attacked in Balochistan - Kech

    Reminds me of the Soviets. We have adequate supply of human replacements so I guess it's all fine for the greater cause?
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    14 including seven FC personnel martyred in Ormara attack

    Everyone, let's be realistic, for all those demanding action against India, you must all be well aware IK is a pacifist. Even when we were bombed and got hold of a PoW in Feb-19, when the chances to go after India were highest, our leadership showed restraint. So don't expect that we carry out...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Seven months after incurring the wrath of Washington -- and stiff economic sanctions -- by testing nuclear weapons, Pakistan received a welcome holiday gift this week from the Clinton administration: payment of an IOU worth $464 million, most of it in cash. The money was delivered to reimburse...
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    Pakistani corner

    Pardon my lack of information. Whom are you talking about?
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    Just a Nice Pic....

    The thunder sneakily hanging with the big brothers.
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    Nasr, Babur are also Chinese based? And you are right about pin point accuracy remark. But still, the precision and accuracy of the missiles in our invertory are formidible. Why make them so when it doesn't matter much if the nuke drops at this end or the other end of the city, lol? Then comes...
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    Iranian Chill Thread

    AoA brothers, Hope you are all doing well. Sorry to request out of nowhere, but like would love to see Iran's perspective of the missile program (both ballistic and cruise) of Pakistan (even including similarities with foreign missiles etc) from the end of of last century to the Latest Ababeel...
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    Featured In Pakistan, Paris attacker's family praise his actions

    Every Muslim is bound to respect other religions as it is something Islam obligates us. We don't have problem if you want to follow your religion even if it is against Islam. For example, For a Muslim, the biggest sin undisputedly is Kufr & Shirk, yet in most of religions including Christianity...
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    Featured In Pakistan, Paris attacker's family praise his actions

    Due process where blasphemy is not a crime legally? The accused will never be a criminal there because the state does not recognize it as a crime. I am standing by my beliefs and as long as they are coherent with Islam, I will proudly stand by it. And if they are not, I will correct myself and...
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    Featured In Pakistan, Paris attacker's family praise his actions

    Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, a Muslim scholar who lives in Tennessee, said Islamic law draws a distinction between making graven images, a statute that is not binding on non-Muslims, and portraying Mohammed in a vulgar or disrespectful manner, which is considered blasphemy...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    Its a play to get the most out of Yankees. I mean we win both ways. The way we rejected to pay full for those 8 F-16s made it clear that we will not be looking at the falcons again. So now, we want Uncle Sam to blink hard and give us an offer we can't refuse, or we just might go to our eastern...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    What if it has already arrived? Naysayers will say the current radar of mainstream Block II can't use it properly.
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    You should be no stranger to South Asian military procurements. We have this habit of either keeping the equipment hidden from public or if we are acquiring something, we test the patience of everyone to the extreme. Be it, India, Bangladesh or Pakistan, it's an instrinstic part of our world...
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    Myanmar Defence Forum

    Sorry if repost.
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    Bangladesh Air Force

    It does, cause PAF and BAF share the same blood. We all have reservations with our airforces but we also believe that they will live upto their name and carry onn the legacy, their mentors have passed onto them. The issue is mostly political and financial. I never doubt the military competency...
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    OP-ED: The actual fight: the world through the lens of retired warriors

    A very delicious treat to read. This is why I love PDF and this forum. The quality jewels of content.
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    Featured In Pakistan, Paris attacker's family praise his actions

    I am all to aware but the thread was soo one sided. I felt I needed to speak out even if it meant I have to fell into the trap. I shall refrain from participating further into this thread.
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    Bangladesh Air Force

    Do people think BAF would or should add more F-7s to augment and use numbers to keep defense up till newer platform is inducted after a couple or more years? Pakistan will soon replace all F-7s (some 2 squadrons) including pgs in a couple of years so it might be right to give them to BAF as with...