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  1. fitpOsitive

    Why not Aafia Siddique

    Please visit the link below: Trump pardons two convicted people This is our time, and we can get Aafia Siddiqui free. All it might take a telephone call and necessary communication(letter etc). If Imran Khan does that then nation will remember him as the guy, after Muhammad Bin Qasim, who...
  2. fitpOsitive

    Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by Indian Army

    Well, Indians always pose infront of this world that India is the biggest democracy and Indian army only minds its own business. So here we, Indian army murdered an elected prime minister. What a democracy
  3. fitpOsitive

    The ring of WW3

    Well guys, finally, the church and Monarch, which were forbidden part of Western culture, are in again. I smell a great hatred against Russia and Islamic world in it. All we have to see that what's big powers of Europe decide. For China, if China doesn't break Indias neck now, India will be...
  4. fitpOsitive

    All that what is happening in Europe

    Well the thing is, why Britain originally departed from Europe was, because France wants to constitute a military alliance of Europe, that will serve its industrial interests. This alliance will also serve as deterrent towards Russia. Now, many countries in Europe don't want that, as they will...
  5. fitpOsitive

    Forbidden technologies for Pakistan by USA.

    I was about to do some Vlsi project in Pakistan, but seems like Pakistan is not allowed to even download embedded system development software. Moreover, it also seems like Pakistanis are also not allowed to use software related to embedded systems and VLSI design, which are offered by companies...
  6. fitpOsitive

    A warning to people sitting in power circles in Pakistan.

    Basically this is self explanatory. How our people are living, how they are approached by foreigners, and then one day, we kill them. Only 3 kind of people can pull Pakistan out of this state of weakness. 1) Education related people and institutions 2) Law enforcement and Judiciary 3)...
  7. fitpOsitive

    Why can't Saudi Arabia and Iran talk?

    I know there are differences. Both want to take Down each other. But see, if USA can be friend of Saudi Arabia, if Russia can be friend of Iran, why can't Saudia and Iran be friends? Or is it someone else who is not letting you guys be friends? Guys, just seek and search and kill the snakes in...
  8. fitpOsitive

    Handling urbanization in Pakistan

    In Pakistan, everyone, who gets a university education, or has a big business, must have to move to either Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Faisalabad or Peshawer. The main reasons are many, but here are few mentioned below. 1) There is no high-tech industry working in small...
  9. fitpOsitive

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    Hey guys. Everything seems OK with new layout, but live update on posts is somehow was a great thing for all users. That thing should be reinstated. I am using site on mobile.
  10. fitpOsitive

    Biggest academic Genocide in the history of Pakistan

    This thread is based on my personal information. And no press or media reports are available in this regards. This year, PUMHS will conduct admission test for admissions in all Medical Universities of Sindh. Here is the link to that news. Click here for details So, one university, and all...
  11. fitpOsitive

    Making Pakistan great again!!!

    This thread is not about military. This thread is about the lifeline of society. I am writing these lines based on my observations, as well as on my discussions with many individuals. Have you ever wondered why some people of Pakistan do corruption and why they are always cursing Pakistan, but...
  12. fitpOsitive

    So Indian AF, when are coming now?

    See, BSD said : Pakistan would have not responded, had India have Rafale jets. But now you have them, and so called deadly arsenal too. I think you should destroy Pakistan tommorow morning( don't do it tonight, I want watch a movie). Secondly, I will again repeat here, do not think India can...
  13. fitpOsitive

    A suggestion for peace in Afghanistan

    The target audience of this thread are Pakistanis and Afghanis. Others may contribute, but please dont try to derail the discussion. Since past many years, we are observing the bad situation in Afghanistan. Afghanis blame that on Pakistan, may be they are right, but not completely. Afghanistan...
  14. fitpOsitive

    In favor of Hindutva; by a Pakistani muslim

    Well, I may sound crazy, but yes, I fully support the idea of constitution of a Hindu national country in our neighborhood. At the time of partition, muslims were 23% of the total population, yet they demanded a separate country. My forefathers supported that idea, I also stick to it. However...
  15. fitpOsitive

    A concept of Cyber Force for Pakistan

    As history is witness, what a Cyber group can do. I mean, exploding nuclear plants with out firing a single bullet. Burn plants with out the use gasoline. Disrupt latest technology development processes. Locate assets deep inside ground. Re-route incoming guided missiles are few examples...
  16. fitpOsitive

    Annexation of Jerusalem by Israel

    Prime minister Benjamin announced to annex Jerusalem in Israel, starting from 1st July, 2020. Now, I was wondering what will Jordan do to prevent that? Secondly, since Arabs are busy killing each other, thanks to Israel. Who will stop Israel. Iran, as it thinks of herself as macho of ME, what...
  17. fitpOsitive

    Abandonment of Hajj

    I had a clue before, that current Corona attack may be an attack on USA, not on China, and just to destroy USA. The attacker is also very clear.. Yeah its Israel. This tiny tick caused millions to loose their lives in WW1 and WW2, when elders of Zion were destroying everything just for Israel...
  18. fitpOsitive

    Civil Service reform : A confirmation of Disaster

    In this thread, I will present the series of columns written by an ex-bureaucrat. This will shed some light on what is actually the management problem of Pakistan. The author might not preset the real solution, but that I will present in last. The original series is in Urdu, so I will use...
  19. fitpOsitive

    Hoodbhoy, I didn't expect this from you

    Not agreeing to something is a different matter, Not accepting something is else. I also have problems with situation in Pakistan, but what I saw in following video totally left me speechless. From an honorable person to a traitor. Or yeh background main Talian kon baja raha tha is Bakwas pe...
  20. fitpOsitive

    Social cleaning in Pakistan

    In Pakistan, whenever something bad happens to Europe or west by a thing that reaches there from outside, media goes nuts. But what about the things which belong to Europe and are affecting our society. Like current case of Pornography in Pakistan. Similarly, govt organizations in Pakistan act...

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