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  1. secularguy

    Kashmir | News & Discussions.

    Another Interesting Point is(provided this is a Hypothetical Scenario), How can Hindus and Sikhs (of Indian State of Jammu&Kashmir)Align with a Enemy Country, Especially a islamic republic?provided their territory is forcefully acceded?Mass Murdering, Forced Conversion are Waiting for them in...
  2. secularguy

    whats your 'fav drink'

    Malabari/Kerala Chai(Actually "Chaaya") are of few types.the one with Milk Added is Common Tea. another Malabar Special - without Milk,with slight lemon,pepper : "Sulemani or Sulaimaani tea".Hope you've heard about that. Infact, People from Malabar area of Kerala runs most Bakery Chains in...
  3. secularguy

    whats your 'fav drink'

    Favourite "cool" drink is: Sharjah Shake (Figure it out!it's available in Middle East as well?) :D also : sprint,goldspot,dixy cola,campa cola,thums up,torino etc etc sadly most of these Indian brands were killed by inferior coke&pepsico products when they re-entered India in the 90's. :x
  4. secularguy

    Enemy property heirs may get rights

    Found this Article: Bitter realty SPECIAL REPORT Legal wrangles, encroachment and corruption plague hundreds of ‘enemy properties’ across the country By Syed Nazakat Raja Amir Mohammad Khan His 'enemy property' includes the Metropole Hotel at Nainital, Butler Palace and half of...
  5. secularguy

    Historical Background of Pakistan and its People

    it is a wrong notion that someone wants to be "pasthon".JFYI, most of India does not even know of such a group.I was Telling You, that the Current Afghan region definitely had a History Which was Linked to Bharat as Buddhism prevailed there for centuries, if not 1000s of years before islam...
  6. secularguy

    Historical Background of Pakistan and its People

    Historically, Buddhism(and Hinduism too) prevailed in Afghan region. a 1000 year islamic tradition cannot erase the History to the tunes of inflated tribal ego and chest thumping.who gave a ***'s *** for such claims?eh? ps:non hindu posted this.
  7. secularguy

    Bugatti Veyron in India on Oct 28th; Priced at Rs 12 crore

    Don't Ya Think Those Who can Buy Such Super Cars Cannot Build Private Race Tracks or Race Course? :P
  8. secularguy

    An Indian surname attracts racist in NZ

    EARLIER, This TV Host Ridiculed Governal General of Newzealand Because He is of Indian Origin. source: NZ broadcaster Paul Henry suspended over racist comment on Sir Anand Satyanand - What's On Xiamen
  9. secularguy

    A word of Caution

    Microsoft India DOES conducts raid even in SOHO Establishments IINM. They had conducted raids in Smaller Cities like Coimbatore,Cochin,Trivandrum etc Recently and It was a news. the "Genuine Windows" campaign and its Hoardings are Common in most of South India's cities?
  10. secularguy

    Shiv Sena, MNS threaten Bigg Boss!

    Pakistan must ban Indian Channels First, I mean ENFORCING It.There must be No Influence of India on Your Country and it's People.AND Please! the Pakistani Guests Please don't come Here or to Dubai for Indian Channel Shows. By The Way, Wholeheartedly Welcomes Common Pakistanis Who Visits India...
  11. secularguy

    A word of Caution

    I'm on GNU/Linux for almost a Decade Now.Debian Squeeze. I Had Tried Gentoo and Arch;But Always Swear with Debian! :D I liked Foresight Linux Which has Conary Package Manager.Sadly, that Distro Seems Nowhere Near My Needed Support Level. -- Windows 7 Home Edition Costs Indian Rs5400/- IINM. I am...
  12. secularguy

    'Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?'

    their worries are not ill-found.no nation can afford a ideology which wants to dominate.for Muslims, most of them are taught about Islamic Laws and Culture from Madrassas or From their Society itself.They Tend to Ghettoize even in European Countries and Decline going Main Stream leaving...
  13. secularguy

    India and Commonwealth Games.. will india show its power??

    I think Doordarshan has started a Channel - "DD HD"(High Definition) 2 months back IINM.It has Live Coverage of the Events? http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tech/personal-tech/computing/Asiad-coloured-Indian-TV-now-CWG-to-spur-HDTV-/articleshow/6635370.cms
  14. secularguy

    Why are conspiracy theories popular in Pakistan??

    I will brief some points I agree with a Article found on a haram website for Muslims.the Root Reason for Conspiracy Theories in Islamic Nations is Within Themselves.
  15. secularguy

    Tata Aria To Be Launched In October

    It'll Cost 14-16Lakhs on the road price.but read about this Xover does fine good speeds without much body roll.moreover, got the Tata dicor Crde Engines which are doing good in Tata Safaris. Good!
  16. secularguy

    Babri Masjid verdict - the Shahadat of Babri Masjid justified by Indian courts

    That's not the Context Islamists will Looks onto. radical islamists see this as a threat to islam.I mean, a Hindu Temple over a Mosque-however truly justifiable it can be(Because "Islam is the Best and Our Rules are to be enforced with"). it is clearly offensive to them and This can Easily...
  17. secularguy

    Babri Masjid Case Ruling Today

    I think it was a fair Judgement.I hope the Case will not be dragged to Supreme Court.Historically Hindus and Muslims of this Country co-exists and Where I live Hindu Temple is Bordered by a Sunni Masjid.People really are secular may be except for few extremists.Ahmedis and Shias are in...
  18. secularguy

    All INDIAN meat eaters raise ur hands.

    I have the only option of "Halal" meat here because Muslims generally needs that-even if the meat seller is a non-Muslim . non muslims(Me included) has no other easier options :( I believe "Halal" is one of the most painful way to kill an animal.guess it'll be the same cruelty with "Kosher" or...
  19. secularguy


    Dude ,I've been to Tamilnadu and most of them don't understand Hindi.Moreover, I think in TN they have No Hindi in their Schools(Not CBSE). I believe Tamil contains the Least of Sanskrit Words in South Languages.Although it may not be tough for Tamilians to Understand Hindi. -----------...

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