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  1. Umair Nawaz

    Rafale performance review

    Watch till the end, guys how many Gs you guys think Rafale is pulling here? I had found this comment from internet; ''Some have claimed the Rafale to be capped at 12G in standard operating manoeuvers (although 12G is still pretty extreme), but they also claim that the Rafale can mechanically...
  2. Umair Nawaz

    French boycott Takes momentum in Pakistan!

    Lets hope this is first of many things to come QuBee rest of all Total petrol pump services need to not only be closed off but taken over by government and auctioned off. Also Loreal, garnier are also pampend in here, must be closed off with full ban on all french products!
  3. Umair Nawaz

    Featured Muslim Women stabbed by Judeo Christian terrorist in Paris recalls Horror - Looking to leave France

    Shouldnt we invite them to live in Pakistan just like how Macron had invited Asia Bibi to live in France? And PLZ strictly discuss what being asked in this thread!
  4. Umair Nawaz

    Finish negativity from your life, think ahead positively Ex CAS PAF Sohail Aman interview

    Bringing the academia into Industry is what the other branches of Armed Forces must replicate also, In HMC/HIT taxila in Maritime Technologies Institute and KSEW in Karachi, POF, NRTC in Havelian/Haripur, In NESCOM and SPARCO centers in Rawalpindi etc as well. This will improve the performance...
  5. Umair Nawaz

    why Pakistan must send its forces to help Turkey, a strategic prospective.

    if we help turkey, that will build pressure on Russia, to engage pakistan, rethink its relations with india, cancel S-400 and now that Akula 2 sub deals with it along with Nuclear co-operation and Brahmos agreements with it. Russian ambassador to India has clearly said that Kashmir is an...
  6. Umair Nawaz

    Thick red line: India and Pakistan may have no peace in 2020, just the seeds of hope

    Four events in 2019 portend profound changes in the future of India and Pakistan, neighboring nations umbilically tied by a very complex past. The impact of these events will surely spill over into 2020. India, shaking off its ‘soft state’ image, sent war planes inside Pakistan to bomb what it...
  7. Umair Nawaz


    HomeWorld News Ground control to Major Vyomm: India unveils female robot designed for space odyssey (VIDEO) 22 Jan, 2020 11:16 Get short URL © ANI India has showcased a ‘female’ robot that it will send into orbit in preparation for its first manned space missions. The humanoid, named...
  8. Umair Nawaz

    DCS WORLD : Dogfight JF-17 Block-1 Thunder VS Rafale-M [ gun only ]

    Talk about Pilot Skills.
  9. Umair Nawaz

    DCS JF-17 vs 2 Su-30s - BVR Combat With a Lucky Missile to Missile Kill

    Even though poor display of tactics by JF17 pilot, however still goes on to show the absolute superiority of this Block-1 against these TVS capable Su30s and watch here it was two f-18s and one f-15..... DCS : JF-17 | Triple Kill
  10. Umair Nawaz

    US State Department's reported response over question of Israeli Pilot in Pakistan's custody

    Washington DC: The United States State Department has said it has no comments to make about the question asked by The Frontier Post whether the US has any information that Pakistan had captured another pilot of Israeli origin when Pakistan captured Indian pilot Abhinandon on February 27 when his...
  11. Umair Nawaz

    Sheikh Rasheed interview to Indian media

    @Roybot @Nilgiri hahahaha hindwano chuppy maro Amreeka k chuppy!!!!!
  12. Umair Nawaz

    India Has Sour Grapes Over America’s Afghan Peace Talks

    ttps://eurasiafuture.com/2019/02/0...iYlTR-6XjWDLlCrkaH0nti-cSPwJcuJi4ZEOuMVxPFoUs meanwhile Russian the Indian best friends are also saying the same what Trump had said! India Has Sour Grapes Over America’s Afghan Peace Talks Written by Andrew Korybko on 2019-02-06 The clearest...
  13. Umair Nawaz

    Mattis Profile!

    @Horus @Irfan Baloch I told u guys that Trump and Modi are the best thing ever to have happened to us.
  14. Umair Nawaz

    Phrases like 'Free Kashmir' to be blocked on Facebook

    Look out for phrase ‘Free Kashmir”, Facebook cautions its moderators According to a report in The New York Times, “Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech”, the social media giant has told its moderators that Indian law prohibits calls for an independent Kashmir. GK Web...
  15. Umair Nawaz

    Why the US pushed the ‘India office’ out of the Pentagon (a good read)

    In the year 2000, Russia started re-emerging as a great military power and China became an economic giant. The United States perceived such developments as a challenge to the established world order. The US prepared a comprehensive strategy to contest great-power competitions in Asia, Europe and...
  16. Umair Nawaz

    Israeli Babe Strikes Again!

    Then now This naked woman is really proving to be an attention seeker! Living in a small country as Israel and the attention she got had which im sure even the best Israeli celebrity(unless they also seek a better carrier in hollywood like that woman:azn:) may have never got in Social Media...
  17. Umair Nawaz

    An interesting Idea!

    these things discussed in the video have been in my mind too, as a person who studies Strategic Studies and International Relations..........This can be a thing we can look at. Please discuss. @Signalian @Tps43 @BHarwana @DESERT FIGHTER @MastanKhan @Irfan Baloch @Horus @waz @Imran Khan

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