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  1. Trailer23

    F1 Driver survives Crash/Inferno

    The BahrainGP was anything but uneventful yesterday. During the 1st Lap of 57, French F1 Driver Romain Grosjean of Haas F1 Team was involved in the most bizzare crash that resulted him being stuck in the car while it was burning. The Frenchman has been in the sport for a decade, but has been...
  2. Trailer23

    Now Mehwish Hayat is a target (too).

    Who is Mehwish Hayat, the 37-year-old girlfriend of wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim? India's most wanted terrorist and 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim lives in a palatial bungalow at Karachi's posh area and he is in regular touch with several actresses of Pakistani film industry...
  3. Trailer23

    Featured Putin Says Russia Has Registered World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine

    Putin Says Russia Has Registered World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine By Jake Rudnitsky August 11, 2020 President Vladimir Putin said Russia has registered its first Covid-19 vaccine, calling it an effective protection against the deadly pathogen, and disclosed that one of his own daughters had...
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    :: Karachi - Roads Closed ::

    Guys, Has anyone heard about an attack in Karachi? I read an article stating that Roads are closed all over Clifton. https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/690906-police-cordon-off-road-in-karachi-due-to-security-threat Someone even messaged me about a confirmed attack on the Chinese Consulate.
  5. Trailer23

    :: Sodas - Ranking Best & Worst Drinks ::

    For a die-hard Soda fan, this list is quite entertaining. Now naturally, there are number of drinks on the list that are (only) available to Members in North America, so its safe to say that they're in a better position to judge them. [No Pakola] Now the video is 30mins long, but i've...
  6. Trailer23

    :: Sports - Back in Action ::

    Finally, after months of watching reruns of old Sporting events, there is some sign of Sports coming back. The past couple of weeks have been great for me as a couple of Formula 1 Races have taken place in Austria with the 3rd one heading to Hungary. In the NBA, the season was postponed-ed...
  7. Trailer23

    :: China/India/Pakistan Tensions ::

    @Horus @Dubious @AgNoStiC MuSliM @araz @Arsalan @AZADPAKISTAN2009 @BHarwana @Foxtrot Alpha @Irfan Baloch @Imran Khan @krash @LeGenD @Moonlight @Side-Winder @SQ8 @waz @dbc @Aamir Hussain @Ahmet Pasha @aliyusuf @ARMalik @Cookie Monster @Counter-Errorist @Dalit @DESERT FIGHTER @Dil Pakistan...
  8. Trailer23

    :: Dr Subramanian Swamy - India can be Superpower! ::

    A 4 Days old vid of Subramanian Swamy. Now I could have timestamped a number of points, but thought i'd be interesting if you hear the whole thing... A number of topics covered... $5 Trillion GDP China Nepal a lil' bit of Russia & finally *drum roll* - Pakistan @Horus @Dubious @AgNoStiC...
  9. Trailer23

    :: Top Gear - McLaren vs an F-35 ::

    Some of you may have already seen this clip by Top Gear earlier in the year. Every now & again we should shift our focus away from internal Politics, F-16/JF17's, CSF, Ladakh and so on... - well atleast for 7mins. Now i've seen a number of these Super Cars vs. Fighter Jets over the years, but...
  10. Trailer23

    :: The Wire - Islamophobia (Saudi Editor) ::

    So, I didn't know if this video was to be posted in the Central & South Asia OR Middle East & Africa thread(s), but since it concerns both, i've decided to post it here. This video gives an insight of the feelings that are beginning to unravel amid CoVID-19. Here, a senior Saudi...
  11. Trailer23

    Difference: Cessna and F-22 (Raptor)

    A USAF F-22 (Raptor) Test Pilot speaks to students at MiT about the difference between a basic Cessna & a Raptor. @Bilal Khan (Quwa) @Stealth @Signalian @airomerix @Hodor @Knuckles @Socra @dbc @Adam_Khan @Akh1112 @aliyusuf @Blacklight @GriffinsRule @HRK @Mirage Battle Commander @Path-Finder...
  12. Trailer23

    :: PAF Graduation Parade 2020 ::

    Graduation Parade 143 GD (P), 89 Eng, 99 AD, 23 Admin & Special Duties, 09 Nav and 07 Log Courses 16 April, 2020: “Guarding aerial frontiers of Pakistan and measuring up to nation's expectations are sacred responsibilities. Put in your best to befittingly live up to the trust that the nation...
  13. Trailer23

    :: The Defense ::

    @MastanKhan Right, so while I was busy working on one of my projects, it seems all hell broke loose - where I was (apparently) the subject. Funny thing, if one is targeting another, you think they'd at least tag you for a counter reply/defense. Where is the word: Kill @WebMaster @The Eagle...
  14. Trailer23

    Who the hell is Naila Inayat नायला इनायत ?!!

    An article popped up on my cell-phone earlier on that I thought i'd read it to entertain myself as it was from . Now usually, I never take their material seriously 'cause obviously whatever they publish in regard to Pakistan will most certainly be negative. Lets be honest, Indian Media and its...
  15. Trailer23

    Tribute Video - Wg Cdr Nauman Akram (Shaheed)

    Well guys, here is the vid. Since the Shahadat of Wg Cdr. Nauman Akram, I had been consumed with editing this vid. Initially, I was intending on releasing it after the 23rd of March in order to add the Missing Man Formation. But now it seems we won’t get to see it after all. A 'Special Thanks'...
  16. Trailer23

    :: John Oliver on Arnab Goswami ::

    John Oliver Just Responded To Arnab Goswami Responding To John Oliver & It. Was. Glorious @Dubious @araz @Arsalan @AZADPAKISTAN2009 @Bilal Khan (Quwa) @Dazzler @fatman17 @ghazi52 @Hodor @Irfan Baloch @Imran Khan @Khafee @Knuckles @Socra @waz @Windjammer @dbc @Aamir Hussain @airomerix...
  17. Trailer23

    :: Thousands in BD protest against Modi’s visit ::

    Thousands take to the streets in Bangladesh to protest against Narendra Modi’s visit Modi is scheduled to visit Bangladesh on March 17 to mark the 100th birth anniversary of the nation’s founding father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  18. Trailer23

    Kashmir - The Gift

    Just the link... Not breaking any rules. If you get to see it, its your luck. If not - well, maybe someone will post it on another Topic. Note: Post will be removed within 24hrs. @Bilal Khan (Quwa) @Dazzler @fatman17 @ghazi52 @Hodor @Imran Khan @Knuckles @Socra @Windjammer @Aamir Hussain...

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