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    Taiwan reports large incursion by mainland Chinese air force

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    California halts Moderna vaccine batch after severe allergies

    No wonder the CEO sold so many shares. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-23/moderna-chief-sells-more-shares-ahead-of-urgent-vaccine-filing#:~:text=Moderna%20Chief%20Sells%20More%20Shares%20Ahead%20of%20Key%20Vaccine%20Filing,-By&text=Moderna%20Inc.,emergency%20use%20in%20the%20U.S.
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    How media outlets manipulate facts about Xinjiang population

    @aziqbal @terry5 @ziaulislam
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    Indonesia’s TransNusa To Lease 30 COMAC ARJ21s

    https://aviationweek.com/air-transport/aircraft-propulsion/indonesias-transnusa-lease-30-comac-arj21s China Aircraft Leasing Group (CALC) has placed a purchase order for 30 COMAC ARJ21 regional airliners destined for Indonesia’s TransNusa Air Services. TransNusa becomes the first commercial...
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    Watch BYD Han Drag Race Lamborghini Huracan And Tesla Model 3

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    Bomb kills two French soldiers in Mali

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/bomb-kills-two-french-soldiers-in-mali-13883430 Bomb kills two French soldiers in Mali Two French soldiers, Sergeant Yvonne Huynh (left) and Brigadier Loic Risser, were killed by an improvised explosive device in northeastern Mali in January 2021...
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    ‘Soho Karen’ who attacked Black teenager identified

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/soho-karen-racism-keyon-harrold-b1781370.html The “Soho Karen”, who police said assaulted a Black teen she falsely accused of taking her cell phone in a New York City hotel on Sunday, has been identified. NYPD sources told the New York Post...
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    In New Year's speech, Taiwan's president again reaches out to China

    TAIPEI (Jan 1): Taiwan is ready to have "meaningful" talks with China as equals as long as they are willing to put aside confrontation, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Friday, offering another olive branch to Beijing in her New Year's speech. Democratic Taiwan, claimed by China as its sovereign...
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    Influential China foreign afffair media watching PDF comment closely

    @TaiShang @Akasa @GS Zhou 7.32s onwards You are all on spot light. We all need to watch what we wrote online. It may even trigger WWIII. :enjoy:
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    The Coconut Tree Prison || Vietnam Phu Quoc

    @Viet @cochine
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    China turboshaft and turbofan development

    Talk about Z-10 turboshaft and WS-10 engine development.
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    New PLA ATGM portable missile

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