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  1. Trumpcard

    Hi Speed Infinity 150 bike

    I sense sarcasm here haha but a sad state of affair in their country for a 2 wheeler enthusiast
  2. Trumpcard

    Mobile internet slowest in Bangladesh among 42 countries

    Big words yet so little action... Anyways cheers and Be safe!
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    Introduction- Trumpcard

    Hi All i have a been a member of this forum for many years now at times silent but mostly active. Found the forum years ago while surfing the internet. This forum has been a good source of info related to both India and Pakistan to me which interests me a lot. I am a self employed professional...
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    Seriously Disappointed with BA in Vice Documentary

    If he asks tell him its chicken haha.
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    Pakistan garment makers chase rivals in India and Bangladesh

    Most of the Royal Enfield biking leather jackets including the ones sold in India are made in pakistan.
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    We are no longer the Army of 1962, Head of Eastern Army Command Lieutenant General MM Naravane

    All these statements are for domestic consumption just like the statement made by china. These 2 countries are not going to be fighting each other atleast for the next 100 years they already have bigger problems to take care off. Well you need to revert back in the same language, don’t you...
  7. Trumpcard

    Pakistan & China are building an SEZ in Azad Kashmir’s Gilgit-Baltistan, satellite images show

    Only after feeling dejected like an ex probably haha. Anyways you guys always have the truth fed to you so who am i to debate here. Thanks
  8. Trumpcard

    Pakistan & China are building an SEZ in Azad Kashmir’s Gilgit-Baltistan, satellite images show

    We would talk? I dont see the Indian foreign ministry going crazy calling their pak counterparts and then complaining that no one ever reverts back. Like a certain PM. I don’t see India looking actively for a dialogue with Pakistan right now.
  9. Trumpcard

    Pakistan & China are building an SEZ in Azad Kashmir’s Gilgit-Baltistan, satellite images show

    I reckon you’ve used a personal cuss against me on my comment on the topic being discussed in the thread. You must be the most learned and respected man in your delusional world, Stay in it. Sure i will try and pass on your warning to the Indian Govt. Though i doubt thats ever going to happen...
  10. Trumpcard

    Pakistan & China are building an SEZ in Azad Kashmir’s Gilgit-Baltistan, satellite images show

    Looks like the Indian Government is holding true to its word and shifting the focus from our Kashmir to the land across the LOC. I’d say hold the chest thumping for a while for you may be in for a surprise.
  11. Trumpcard

    Malaysia considering to expell Dr Zakir Naik

    Very well said, The bhumiputras (or the ethnic malays) enjoy a lot of benefits over the Chinese/Indian Malays. There is an undeniable cold air amongst most ethnic groups there.
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    Make in India? Don't make me laugh!

    Agreed that the chinese have some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities in the world right now and given the scale these guys manufacture at hardly any one can compete with them. The Indian economy on the other hand is more tilted towards services. IT, HR, etc but its time that we...
  13. Trumpcard

    26Th Feb Was A Test Run By IAF To Check The Fight In The Paf:---

    Der aye par Drust aye... Honestly i had a similar feeling in feb and think that this might the best possible scenario logically speaking. Maybe India was testing the response time and the force of the response.
  14. Trumpcard

    Pakistani Milli Naghma

    No need to get personal, Had a genuine query if you feel i was trying to mock them then please go ahead and ban me.
  15. Trumpcard

    Pakistani Milli Naghma

    Okay, But do they regularly come out with songs and videos? Thats very cute of them.
  16. Trumpcard

    Pakistani Milli Naghma

    Is this a routine affair? I mean coming out with songs and their videos? (Provided they are *motivational* songs) Whom are the defense forces of pak targeting with these songs?
  17. Trumpcard

    Breaking: AICWA Bans Mika Singh From Indian Film Industry

    A welcome step indeed by the cine association. These are times of tension and distress, No one can be allowed to surpass the interests of the country. This step sends across a stern message to our cinema fraternity.
  18. Trumpcard

    Bangladesh will give water to India from Feni river

    BD guys must be smoking something really good to even think off this. Thankfully your government knows their place and complies to the demands of their masters. Be grateful that atleast you got that sh**h**e to live in which you call your country. JK- Export of labour, maids and rickshaw...

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