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  1. forcetrip

    Anyone from Azerbaijan?

    As the thread topic suggests, looking for someone native from Azerbaijan. Our company is looking to change things up and instead of going to Dubai for vacations we are looking to find a different spot. For a few dollars more it would be nice to see some historical sites and enjoy some...
  2. forcetrip

    US analysts believe ‘Pakistani operative’ was using MSF hospital for Taliban activity: AP

    US analysts believe ‘Pakistani operative’ was using MSF hospital for Taliban activity: AP WASHINGTON: Days before the October 3 United States (US) air attack on a hospital in Afghanistan, American special operations analysts were gathering intelligence on the facility ─ which they knew was a...
  3. forcetrip

    Syria’s Steel Beasts: The T-72

    The T-72, after the T-55 the most prolific tank series of the post-World War II era with an estimated production run of up to 30.000 vehicles. In Syria, the tank largely owes its fame due the participation in the Battle of Darayya, which was extensively covered on camera, and the large amount of...
  4. forcetrip

    Dr Subaru and the Indian Spirit force

    Dr Subaru and how Americans are in love with him.
  5. forcetrip

    A man's savings for fourth marriage wasted in displacing his family

    North Waziristan operation spoils fourth wife dream of father of 36 BANNU: Pakistan's ongoing military operation may be making headway in clearing militant hideouts, but it has shattered the dream of one father of 36 children — to take a fourth wife. Gulzar Khan is one of hundreds of...
  6. forcetrip

    Posting Video Attachments

    I was wondering if posting videos directly from hardrive is something that could be possible in the long run while also including the easy to use link system.
  7. forcetrip

    Linking all Moderators to simple commands.

    If possible All moderators get alerts by typing @MOD or @mods. I am sensing that has already been implemented, if so please delete or remove the thread.
  8. forcetrip

    PTA has started its attack on ********

    Torrent sites are being blocked as we speak by the ISP's. Not sure how long this drama is going to go on.
  9. forcetrip

    Wall for our fallen Heros in the War against Terror

    I want to go ahead and put together names and pictures of all the soldiers we have lost in the War on Terror. The format will be simple, Picture, Rank, D.O.B - D.O.M and a few lines regarding how he was martyred. As we can not build an actual wall to commemorate our soldiers, we can at-least do...
  10. forcetrip

    The Outrageous Adolescence of the F-16

    The Outrageous Adolescence of the F-16 The Viper was small, fast, and in your face. By Eileen Bjorkman Air & Space Magazine | Subscribe March 2014 UCK! A smokin’ hot F-16CM from the Air Force’s Viper East demonstration team has you in its sights. The jet performed at a 2011 Florida airshow...
  11. forcetrip

    The top 10 political risk hotspots

    According to CNN Pakistan seems to have comfortably disappeared. Just says that there are worse places in the world you could have been born trying to escape to the west. 1. Somalia 2. Syria 3. Afghanistan 4. Sudan 5. Democratic Republic of the Congo 6. Central African Republic 7. Yemen 8...
  12. forcetrip

    Defending yourself with a Hand Grenade in Libya.

    Screeners find hand grenade in Libyan lawmaker's handbag Security guards in Tripoli stopped a Libyan lawmaker Wednesday after they found a hand grenade in her handbag, the city council said in a statement. The General National Congress member, Souad Soltan, had arrived for meetings at the...
  13. forcetrip

    Peace maker: 24-year-old hopes to make peace with Taliban

    MULTAN: “The true of message of Islam is peace. I will convey this to the Taliban and hope that they drop their weapons and become peaceful citizens,” said AD Jutt, a 24-year-old who left for Peshawar from Multan on a bicycle on Sunday. Jutt, a resident of Bahawalpur Sukha Colony, said that he...
  14. forcetrip

    A U.S. Apache attack helicopter appears in China. Did they clone it?

    Images have surfaced on the Chinese Internet of what seems to be an actual AH-64D Apache or a real-size copy of the world’s most famous attack chopper. The helicopter, on a truck, seems to be in the process of being moved even if it is at least strange that it is is not hidden below a...
  15. forcetrip

    Al-Shabaab men kill US-born militant in Somalia

    Al-Shabaab men kill US-born militant in Somalia MOGADISHU: A prominent US-born Islamist militant was killed in Somalia on Thursday after he fell out with senior commanders of the Al-Shabaab rebel group, witnesses said. Residents in Al-Baate village in southern Somalia said Alabama-born Omar...
  16. forcetrip

    Enemy Inside the Wire: The Untold Story of the Battle of Bastion

    Enemy Inside the Wire: The Untold Story of the Battle of Bastion One year ago this month, under cover of night, fifteen Taliban, dressed as American soldiers, snuck onto one of the largest air bases in Afghanistan. What followed was a bloody confrontation highlighting a startling security...
  17. forcetrip

    Need help getting internet connections with IP pools.

    I guess I have run out of places to ask with no answer so I should try my luck here as well. I am in need of two corporate connections for a server we are running in Lahore. One connection is Primary with 4 IP pool and the other is Secondary or backup in case first one drops with the same config...
  18. forcetrip

    TTP gets a taste of their own medicine

    Militants of the banned TTP occupied a centre of the Ansarul Islam in Bagh-Maidan area of Khyber tribal region’s Tirah valley on Mar 18. A hidden suicide bomber blew himself up killing and injuring several militants. Another suicide bomber detonated his explosives during rescue efforts for...
  19. forcetrip

    Quick.. Check your yourtube videos before they block it.

    Seems to be working a min ago .. everyone can report their own findings accordingly. Nevermind .. "An error occurred, Please try again later." P.S Sorry for the spelling error in the title.

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