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    good beginning imported handguns?

    i was wanting to ask about any good 9mm imported handguns preferrably polymer framed available in pakistan
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    common rifle rounds in pakistan for civillian weapons?

    i am curious on whats the most common rifle round availbale on the civillian market of pakistan
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    good imported semi auto rifles

    i was wanting to inquire any good imported rifles, im interested in vepr 51/54 cause of the fact there good reliable all duty rifles also are russian imports common?
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    locally produced rifle?

    would a quality locally produced rifle platoform be succesful on the market
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    Good semi auto tactical shotguns?

    what are some good shotguns that are easy to get in pakistan
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    any good semi rifle recommendations?

    any good NPB semi auto rifles that arent AKs
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    why is there a lack of modern weaponry in pakistan civilian market?

    one thing doesnt make sense to me is how alot of modern companies dont sell there weapons over here in pakistan even though are lax laws and general interest of the public, if say CZ releases the evo 3 and bren here they would sell alot even if they were a tad exspensive.
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    Pakistan millitarys service pistol

    what is pakistans millitaries service pistol cause ive read lots of conflicting info on this subject and wanted to confirm it.

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