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  1. airomerix

    The botched strike: IAF found with its pants down - Again

    Dear readers, This little news belongs to IAF, but I'm posting it here due to its connection with 26th February IAF's botched strikes. Just recently, Mumbai police released a 500 page document of Arnab Goswami's whatsapp chat with several individuals/groups. A little digging, and you find out...
  2. airomerix

    Featured F-16.net confirms Su-30MKI loss on 27th Feb

    Folks, it cannot get more impartial and official than this. F-16.net has officially attributed an Su-30 kill to airframe #84606. It is pertinent to note that F-16.net is run by professional staff from the United States and just recently they were able to validate the Su-30 kill through...
  3. airomerix

    PAF Air bases - What adversary knows

    Ex IAF Air Marshal has written and published the following article about PAF installations and made it a part of OSINT. Lots of wrong information and assumptions are taken. And we shall not care to admit, approve, or disapprove any of it. Let them assume a water tank to be a nuclear missile...
  4. airomerix

    Rumors: Pakistan to acquire five C-130J Super Hercules

    Dear all, Thanks to @Blacklight, I dug a little deeper and was able to find conclusive evidence that indeed, 5 C-130J's are being acquired. The source of the aircraft is unknown, but 6 squadron appears to be preparing for it. Also, there have been a 'number' of US bound flights being...
  5. airomerix

    Final flight - Air Commodore Ahmad Salam Khan

    Hi Folks, I couldn't find a relevant thread for PAF personnel media. Hence posting here. Some interesting pictures from the last service days of Air Cmdr Ahmad Salam Khan, first Base Cmdr Jaccoabad. A former Sherdil leader, former OC 22 Sqn, and head of Air Force Safety board. Final flight in...
  6. airomerix

    Building PAF Base Shahbaz - 2010

    Hi Folks, Some nice pictures from 2008-2010 for all of you.
  7. airomerix

    Israeli F-16 pilot demoted after falsely claiming to down aircraft during exercise in U.S.

    What happens in professional air forces when you 'lie' about your kill. No wonder brits were pissed with IAF for leaking misinformation about flankers eating typhoons during exercises in UK. Since then, they never got an invitation back. Israeli F-16 pilot demoted after falsely claiming to...
  8. airomerix

    Global Strategic Threat & Response - 2020 Conference| Islamabad

    Dear all, Pakistan is conducting a conference 'Global Strategic threat & Response' from 4th to 5th March at Sarena Hotel, Islamabad. Some interesting speakers on the list.
  9. airomerix

    PN to acquire twin engine jet aircraft - Tender

    Pakistan Navy floated a tender to acquire 01 x Twin engine jet aircraft with the following specifications.
  10. airomerix

    Building the Thunder - A brief report

    Dear all, Years ago, I wrote a report on JF-17s manufacturing and presented it on a forum as part of a requirement of an operational course. For the benefit of the Defence.pk community, I'm just sharing a portion of it after altering a some details and removing blueprints/maps/pictures and...
  11. airomerix

    Iran hits 2 US bases in Iraq with 15 ballistic missiles - Developing

    Al Asad and Erbil joing military command bases have been attacked. More on : https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/07/politics/rockets-us-airbase-iraq/index.html
  12. airomerix

    Exercise Sea Spark -2019

    Exercise Sea Spark is coming up with all assets of Pakistan Navy taking part. The exercise will also feature simulations from Pakistan Air Force No.2, No 8 and No. 21 squadron. Components of the Pakistan Army will also take part.
  13. airomerix

    Lockheed Martin Pays Tribute To PAF F-16 Achievements !

    Folks, Lockheed Martin recently Instagrammed a photo of a PAF's F-16BM serial #92622 inflight with an LM's test pilot on board. Enjoy.
  14. airomerix

    Large scale multinational exercise to be held in Q4

    Dear all, Apart from Shaheen VIII, a large scale multinational exercise is to be held inside Pakistan later this year. Confirmed participants include; PAF - All Assets TuAF - F-16 Block 52s/E-3/KC-135/C-130 RSAF - F-15S's/SA's, C-130s Expected participants; EAF - F-16 Block 52s, Rafales...
  15. airomerix

    PAF - PLAAF Exercise Shaheen VIII 2019 l 23rd August- China

    Once again, Good to be back. Exercise Shaheen VIII is to be held later this year. Currently the AHQ is deliberating on the location of the exercise. JF-17s, J-10s, J-11s, JH-7s, Mirages, and F-7s will be going head to head. Stay tuned.
  16. airomerix

    Afghan war special - F-16s

    Enjoy gents.
  17. airomerix

    PAF Classics - FT-6's & FT-7A's in special scheme

    Found some interesting paint schemes of now retired FT-7A's, FT-6's and FT-5's in PAF's service.
  18. airomerix

    Blast from the past - Vipers, Fantans & Farmers in Afghan War

    Dear all, I was going through some of my archives. Found some stunning material from Soviet Afghan War. Enjoy yourselves! Early days as a FO - F-6 Era On to the Fantans -A-5s The F-16s arrive - 1985 ADA Hut during Afghan War - 1988 No.11 MR Squadron - Arrows...
  19. airomerix

    Anatolian Eagle' 19 - Thunder to roar in Turkey !

    Delighted to bring you all some exciting news. No.28 squadron 'Phoenix' is gearing up for Anatolian Eagle'19 which is to be held in June at Konya AFB, Turkey. More news to follow. :) Theme: 'Air Dominance' Participants: Turkey (F-16s/F-4s), Jordan (F-16s), Pakistan (JF-17s), Italy...
  20. airomerix

    airomerix Visit Report - RIAT 2018/ RAF 100

    n July, 2018, The Royal Air Force of Great Britain was celebrating its 100 years since it was first raised. (#RAF100). It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. We were to witness more than 100 Air Forces around the world on Britains soil to pay homage to RAFs long heritage and to...

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