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  1. Oublious

    3d printing piston

    This is already old, some tuner like spyros panopoulos is the first person who used 3d printing to design next level pistons. Next should cam and crankshafts or engines. Casting engine block looks limited, what they will design with 3d printing? Engine generatin 5000hp is in the horizon.
  2. Oublious

    Turkish Spy Ship

    Good ship to spy mediterrean sea....:-)
  3. Oublious

    Brazil the new epicentre of Covid.

    I didn't see a topic about Brazil so i decide to open. I thought America was the worst but Brazil is for now the worst and after that India will be much worse. Today infected 49554 people. Are ther members from Brazil?
  4. Oublious

    LGK-84 laser guided kit TUAF

    ANKA is targeting and LGK-84 destroy it with 100% accuracy.
  5. Oublious

    Tuaf sending message to Haftar and his masters...

    2 KC135 stratotanker, 1 Awacs, 4 C130 and a squadron F16...:-)
  6. Oublious

    Iran Lawmaker Says $30 Billion Spent On Syria Must Be Returned

    https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-lawmaker-says-30-billion-paid-to-syria-must-be-paid-back/30623998.html Well thats happens when you are a imperialist but a broken one:-).... Stop exporting terror and secterianism to your neighbour and you wont spend money.
  7. Oublious

    Did Japan Nobel laureate Tasuku Honjo say COVID-19 is not natural, but man-made in Wuhan lab?

  8. Oublious

    Chinese recovered doktor turned in black

  9. Oublious

    China sued for Coronavirus Outbreak

    It will make a chance if everyone in the world start:-).
  10. Oublious

    US Army scraps $1b. Iron Dome project, after Israel refuses to provide key codes

    https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-army-scraps-1b-iron-dome-project-after-israel-refuses-to-provide-key-codes/ Well they give ther F35 and jews give middle finger, thats one of the reason should not join F35. They give to much privelege to Israel...:-)
  11. Oublious

    Tuaf destroys Pantsir/BUK/S-300Airdefence

    @500 How man did they have left? Next should be S300....
  12. Oublious

    US Navy Abandons First Four LCSs

    http://en.c4defence.com/Agenda/us-navy-abandons-first-four-lcss/9363/1 Crazy...:-)
  13. Oublious

    Egypt's top religious institution

    Egypt's top religious institution has issued a decree against the Turkish series "Resurrection: Ertugrul." And here's how fans responded. :-)
  14. Oublious

    Assads proxies

    They have learned from hizbies, maybe solaimani....
  15. Oublious

    Turkish SPAAG in Libya

    Next should Medium Air defence missiles. I just see it ther is Airdefence missile system, the tide turned. Lets see how the haftar lovers think to attack:-).. Som wher are the trolls they were laughing about 35 Turkish soldiers. This is first step!
  16. Oublious

    Iran accendatily arrested Uk Ambassador

    No passenger shotdown...

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